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Decision Making Process Assignment Help

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An effective decision making process assignment help involves following steps:

Define the Problem/Goal: This is the first step in the decision making process. This step clearly identifies the main purpose of decision and what exactly is the problem that needs to be solved. Additionally, this step addresses the following questions: why does a decision need to be made?  What will be the outcome if no decision is made?  What outcome is desired. 

Gather Information: The next step is to collect the necessary and important information that is directly related to the problem. Through this, the manager can better understand what needs to be done in solving the problem, and will also help to generate ideas for a possible solution.

Evaluating Identified Alternatives: In this step, the manager looks at positive as well as negative consequences. Additionally, this step is more significant, because with the help of this, a manager can determine actual impact of final decision on people that are involved in the process. This also identifies the impact of decision on the current and future state of the organization.

Make the decision:  After evaluating each alternative, now the manager identifies goal, gathers all necessary information, weighs the consequences and makes the final decision. Simply, it is time to make a choice and actually execute final decision. The best alternative is the one with the highest degree of probability that it will resolve the problem at the least amount of risk.

Implementing the decision: On the basis of above steps, the manager implements the decision to a problem effectively. Simply, as per this step, the manager is responsible to implement a best decision to accomplish desired outcomes.

Evaluating the decision: Evaluation of decision is necessary to evaluate the decision, because this step is probably important and helps a manager in developing decision making skills for future problems

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