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Friday, October 30, 2015

Marketing Assignment Help: Key Role of Stakeholders and Team building

Marketing Assignment help of the following question:

Write a  paper in which you explain the role of stakeholders in implementing a quality management process.

Discuss each of the stakeholders and their specific roles in implementing a quality management process.

Provide two organizations as examples to support your answer.

 Role of Stakeholders

Stakeholders including internal and external play a vital role in executing quality management process. Stakeholders provide their feedback to organization and management that further results into execution of quality management programs. Areas of organization in terms of weaknesses are also identified by the stakeholder like employees, customers etc that motivate for quality management. For example, Starbucks and Toyota are two real world organizations that implement quality management process on the basis of feedback given by stakeholders. Our assignment help team says that in addition, stakeholders also provide grant for the execution of quality management programs.


Employees: Employees are the internal stakeholders that provide their views, opinions and suggestions for quality management process. For example, in Toyota, the viewpoints given by the employees are taken into consideration by the management to improve quality of their products and services.  It show the important role played by employees in taking quality related initiatives.

Shareholders: These are internal stakeholders that provide their financial aid to the organization for executing quality management process. For example, in Starbucks, shareholders play a key role in executing quality management related activities by granting capital.

Customers: Customers are external stakeholders that provide their valuable input in executing quality management process. For example, at Starbucks, customer feedback mechanism is used to assess the quality of coffee products. As per the feedback, changes are made in the product offerings through executing quality initiatives. To ensure greater customer satisfaction, as a part of quality management process Starbucks has also developed the goal of making 100% recyclable and reusable cup by 2015. It shows the role of customers in motivating firm like Starbucks to implement quality management activities that are eco-friendly. Introduction of Toyota Production System based on 14 quality principle is the strategy to satisfy customers by offering high quality cars in the market

Government: Government is also an external stakeholder that performs a key role in implementing quality management process. In addition, as a part of a socially responsible firm and comply the environmental related laws made by government, Starbucks has developed greener stores to offer quality services in great ambiance for customers. Similarly, to comply with the laws of environmental pollution, Toyota has introduced low fuel cars like Prius that is a hybrid car.

Communities: Communities that are external stakeholders also play a great role in quality management process. For example, Starbucks and Toyota both make changes in their production and operations process to ensure high quality in order to maintain positive corporate image in the communities. Like, Toyota introduced hybrid cars that can be considered as the output of its quality management process related initiatives. These cars have been introduced in the market to help communities to avoid any harmful effects of carbon emissions in the air. Similarly, Starbucks has started the use of renewable resources to help communities in ensuring environmental sustainability.

It can be stated that to fulfill the requirements of all stakeholders whether internal or external, Toyota and Starbucks have taken great steps to execute quality management process.

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Training and Development Programs Assignment Help

Training and Development Programs | Online Training and Development Programs

What training and development programs help companies the most in a struggling economy? Give an example of how the training will help

Training and development programs support the business organizations to survive in the struggling economy and to compete with the rivals. Presently, several training and development programs are available but to survive in struggling economy, best training and development programs are to develop workshops. In these workshops, business firm can use combination of two or more training and development programs such as behavior development training, class room training and technical training. These workshops are a kind of class room off-job training programs.

With the help of these training programs, it would be easy for the employees to improve their behaviors and responds in a positive manner towards critical and emerging situations and economic downturn. In addition, these workshops also improves leadership skills, strengthen managing and supervising abilities, increase accountability of employees towards their performance and develop skills to bring innovation in the working practices and strategies. This way company would also able to identify the less effective and employees with poor skills, which help the firm in cost cutting to manage economic balance.

For instance, Coca Cola has implemented several training and development programs in its workshops to improve communication skills, strengthen employee’s engagement with the firm, developing their skills to offer high class customer services, manage diversity and most important utilize all the available resources in an effective way to manage the situation of struggling economy.

Thus, it can be said by the assignment help Australia  that training helps the employees to understand the particular situation and assist company to an adequate response to manage that situation in favor of both company and society. We provides the best help in training and development programs assignment help.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Marketing Essay Assignment Help: Amazon - Products and Services

Amazon products and services and how they contribute to the company as an E-commerce business

Amazon Products and Services

Amazon is a leading retail company that mostly deals in books. Company also have diversified and wide products and service range and deals in fabrics, photography, baby products, FMCG products, movies, TV and celebrity products, health, beauty and home products, toys and games, shoes and clothing products etc. Company also provides different services to the customers. For example, the company provides the book download services to its customers in different countries of the world. In the products and services, company also sales cell phones and wireless plans to the customers. 

Contribution of Products in Business

Our assignment help experts says that the products and services of Amazon help the company in developing the business in different countries of the world. Company selects its products and services according to the demand of the customers that support the company to attract customers online. Company’s products and services also appeal to the customers that increase the demand of the products and services online and support company to increase its business in different geographical areas in the world. Amazon also follows an effective strategy in order to promote its products and website in the market. Amazon provides a special section on its website to promote its partners and their products.

In this, company gives users the facility to post online reviews of their partners’ products and services and to add them to an Amazon “wish list” that can be saved or e-mailed to friends. It helps the company to promote products as well as online business in the market. The products and services also contribute in the online business because company labels its partners’ products and services as Amazon Trusted when the customer browses the website. It supports the company to make effective relationship with the customers and promote company as an e-commerce business in the market. will solve your management assignment of any topic. We provides the best and original help in essay help Australia, essay assignment help, custom Essay Help and University essay writing help online.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Global Talent Assignment Help

Online Assignment Help | Assignment Help Australia

Imagine that you work for an organization that is considering expanding to a new country. The CEO has decided it is critical to have some leadership presence from the home office, at least for the next year, in order for this expansion to be successful. You are tasked with creating a presentation that identifies the potential positive and negative outcomes of this endeavor.

Research the following questions below. Based on these questions, create a presentation about this expansion that you would give to the CEO.

Briefly discuss an example you have identified from your own research in which an organization relocates an employee(s) to another country to live and work.

What are some of the challenges and positive outcomes an organization might expect when an employee relocates to another country to live and work?

What tools might an HR professional provide to the employee to help her or him succeed in global mobility?

Our assignment help Australia say that in the world, most of the international companies or organizations relocate their employees in other countries to complete a particular job or assignment in effective way. In the research, it is identified that PepsiCo, relocate several management levels employees to other nations in order to manage country’s work in significant manner. Company relocates employees from home country to another country with their families that help employees to live and work in the other country. Most of the time company relocates employees that have the knowledge and understanding about the culture of that particular country. It provides several benefits to the company to manage work effective in that particular country.

Challenges and Positive Outcomes
There are several challenges that a firm can face by relocating its employees to another country. One of the major challenges faced by the organization is culture. Different countries have different culture that can impact on the capabilities of employees as well as organization to manage work effectively in the other country. There are also some HR related challenges that might be faced by the company through relocation of employee.We Provides the management assignment help, finance assignment help, accounting assignment help, business assignment help and case study assignment help.

By relocating employees in other countries, organization can also get positive outcomes related to the management of work, understanding of work culture, improvement in personal skills and knowledge, etc. It will also be helpful for organizations to maintain competitive advantages in the other country. The positive outcomes might also be related to the development of opportunities to enter in the new markets in the country. Through this, company can also achieve more profits from the international market.

Tools for Success in International Market

According to assignment help experts in order to help employees to get success in global mobility, HR professional can provide different tools such as training of culture and language. It can be helpful for the employee to develop their skills in order to make effective management of work and to coordinate with local people effectively. HR professionals can also provide accommodation to the employees in other countries in order to make feel them like home country. It can also be helpful for the organization to improve the productivity and efficiency of employees in effective way. These professional HR tools will also support company to manage work and other employees in the country.

Why for Global Talent Assignment Help

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Company Goals Assignment Help

Assignment Help | Assignment Help Experts | Australia Assignment Help

 In present scenario, many companies redefine their business goals and objectives, because of competition, development of new advanced technology and changing consumer preferences and tastes. Additionally, mergers and acquisitions are driving force for organizational change. This organizational change affects the employees and their behavior within organization. Organizations needed cooperation from employees to implement these changes successfully in the organization.

Impact of organizational change on employees

According to the  Organizational change can happen for several reasons including competition, advance technology, mergers and acquisitions, expanding markets and changes in business model for achieving growth. These factors would bring some changes in employees’ behavior such as:

Mental stress: When organizations implement big and large changes in operations, it results into increased mental stress among employees. It is because, these changes are new to them and they are trying to learn new system and process. But, sometimes, it is difficult for them to understand the new process and change (Decker, Wheeler, Johnson & Parsons, 2001). In case of mergers, employees are not ready to adopt the culture and working procedure of new organization that increased stress. Along with this, injustices or unfairness, lack of timely communication by management or fear of future changes may increase stress level in employees.We are the one of the best Australia Assignment help service provider.

Increased employee turnover: In organizational change situation, most companies want to reduce their costs by cutting salaries, benefits and increments of employees. It decreases employees’ motivation and they leave the company to seek new employment elsewhere. In some cases, organizations do scrutiny of employees and fire less productive employees from the organization for cost saving.

Major changes in life: Some organizational changes require major restructuring that result into big changes in employees’ life. Changes such as salary cuts, loss of benefits, downgrading in job position, job loss or transfer to another city, state or country would impact negatively on employee’s life.

Changes in employee commitment: Organizational change would affect the commitment of employees towards organization. This change in commitment influences the willingness of employees to support and work for successful implementation of change.

Cooperation of employees

To implement change successfully in the organization, full cooperation and support of employees are required by management. Employees’ involvement and participation in decision making are required. Along with this, for introducing computer-controlled production and information-based business systems in the organization, full support, and interest of learning and cooperation of employees are needed by organization. Employees’ cooperation would improve the productivity and quality of products. Apart from this, it would reduce the degree of conflict in labor relations that save time and maintain coordination among employees.

In addition of this, organization needs employees’ involvement in technical decisions related to introduction of new technologies, product development and implementation of new process etc. These decisions are taken from the expertise of workers who are directly involved in the work process (Michalski, 2012). Along with this, involvement of workers and union representatives are required to implement technical change and provide better outcomes. At the same time, proper communication regarding issues and problems in new change and some adjustment with new changes are required by management to implement change in the organization.We Provides the management assignment help, finance assignment help, accounting assignment help, business assignment help and case study assignment help.

Other factors for organizational change

Organizational change is important to survive in tough competitive business environment. Apart from new technology, mergers and acquisitions, competition and changing customer taste and preference, some additional factors are drivers of organizational change such as:

Inadequate Financial Performance: When companies are failed to achieve their financial benchmarks, they have been forced to change their business objectives and processes. Companies can face the trouble situation, when new competitor enters in the market with cheap labor and production cost or advance technology. So, organizations have to redefine their business objectives to maintain a competitive position in the market.

Change in strategic Objectives: If the strategic objectives are changed in the company, it may change its process and goals. For example, if a company shifts from a product centric company to customer centric organization, it may require new processes to maintain this orientation.

End of PLC: When a product is reached to its end stage, then companies are forced to develop new products or modify this product by implementing new technology . At this stage, companies have to cut their production costs or merge with existing competitors to maintain profitability and find new opportunities.

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Organisational Structure of Kalitta Air

 In the present era of corporate business, all the organisations require to possess an effective organisational structure. Organisational structure is static and dynamic in nature. It is a pattern of relationships among the components of the organisation. An organisation structure is a hierarchal term, which contributes to a common purpose (Driver & Michaela, 2007).
This paper is explaining about the organisational structure of Kalitta Air and recommendations for its Improvement with a justified rationale.
Organisational Structure of Kalitta Air
Kalitta Air Company is an American cargo company. It is an airline based in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA. According to the organisational chart of the company it has a functional organisation structure (The Official, 2011) because there are mainly three main executives, who handled different departments.
Functional Organisation Structure of Kalitta Air
In this type of organisational structure of the company, the manager has an earmarked team and here all the members directly report to the manager. In this structure, heads of various functional departments report to the Chief Executive Officer for their specialized functions in the management of the organisation. The manager is supported by the engineers and experts and the clerical staff functions as a coordinator (Luthans, 2004). In this structure the level of authority and responsibility is clearly defined. There are well structured communication channels. The strongest functional group dominates the decision making process.
Recommendation and Rationale to Improve the Structure
Functional organisational structure is a very effective for the business firms but in order to operate international level and manage different branches at different locations (beyond geographical boundaries) company should improve its structure from functional to matrix divisional structure. It is significant for Kalitta Air to operate at international level and manage the complexity available in the global market. In order to improve the structure of the company, management should align the design of the organisation and process that is used to achieve the goals of the firm. This would help the management to save money and time and improve productivity of the workers (Siddiqui, 2005).
By implementing Matrix divisional structure, it would be easy for the company to establish a formal hierarchy and sharing authority between the manager and his team of functional managers (Driver & Michaela, 2007). This would lead improvement in the efficiency of process and optimum utilization of resources.
Span of control is another way to improve the structure of the organisation. By implementing span of control, it is also possible for the company to minimize conflicts and developing knowledge among all the members about their roles and responsibilities (Luthans, 2004). To have uniformity in the objectives and functions of the organisation, span of control is essential. It is also favourable to execute matrix structure to for each manager to integrate the contribution of personnel in various functional departments towards the achievement of objectives.
Thus, on the basis of above discussion, it can be said that Kalitta Ait has functional organisational structure and it can be improved by executing span of control establishing hierarchy and align the organisation design and processes to improve the practices of the company. So, it should change the structure from function to matrix divisional structure to manage complexity.

Driver, J. & Michaela, W. (2007). Meaning and suffering in organizations. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 20 (5): 611-632.

Luthans, F. (2004). Organizational Behavior (10th Edition). New York: McGraw Hill Publishers.

Siddiqui, T. (2005). Organizational structure: management techniques and lessons learned in aligning technical and program management resources in engineering-intensive organizations. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, System Design & Management Program.

The Official (2011). Kalitta Air. Retrieved from

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Social Recruiting Assignment Help

Assignment Help | Assignment Help Experts 
Social Recruiting 
 Social recruiting indicates to the framework to hire the candidates by using social media and online media like, employee’s network, contacts, networks with other companies such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. It makes easy to find more suitable and qualified candidates for the job for the organizations. Positive word of mouth publicity by any employee of the firm also works as a social media that attracts more suitable candidate towards that organization. 

Reasons of the Social Recruiting Assignment Help
According to assignment help experts, nowadays, social recruiting has become a big thing to do business due to many reasons. On the personal and business level, there are many reasons, which push firms for the uses of social networking website or social recruiting for hiring the best candidate. These reasons are as follow. 

To Reduce Recruitment Cost:  Our marketing assignment experts say that in order to reduce recruitment cost of the firm, social recruitment process is a very beneficial tool. It is one of the reasons of using social recruiting by the firms. In this, social referrals in terms of personal connection and community networks assist the firms in hiring suitable and skilled candidate at low cost by receiving high return on investment of the firm. 

Bonding with passive candidate: In order to maintain and bond with the passive candidates, social media play a fundamental role that being the reason for becoming popular of using social networks by the organizations. Firms want to hire skilled and knowledgeable candidate by setting some qualifications for the job. Our my assignment help team says that use of social media such as online sources, online resumes, profiles, etc. make it easy for firms to hire passive candidate according to the set qualification. It helps to connect job seekers and recruiter those have interest in one another. 

Highly use of networking online: It is also included in the reasons of social media by the firms for recruiting. Nowadays, mostly people spend their time on the social network sites for collecting information and for interacting with social groups. So, it makes easy for the organization to expand their networks that helps in recruiting suitable candidate for the organization. 

In shaping thoughts: In shaping thoughts of the users, networks or social media also play crucial role. It is the reason for becoming a big thing to recruit skilled employees in the organizations for using social recruiting. In this way, mostly people give their thoughts and suggestion on some topics to the social groups that helps in analyzing and shaping thoughts of social group and users for hiring the best suitable candidate for the organization. 
 So, these are some reasons for social recruiting assignment help becoming a big thing of the social recruiting in the global market.

Why for Social Recruiting Assignment Help

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Economic Behavior

Australian Assignment Help | Management Assignment Help Experts
In this Assignment help,We explained the effects of Government Interventions, Taxation and Regulations of Economic Behavior

According to the team of Australian assignment help, Government intervention plays an important role in setting the price mechanism in order to change the allocation of resources in an economy. In the free market economy, scare resources are allocated through price mechanism. Government intervention is helpful in developing the living standard of people in the economy. Moreover, government intervention will improve the market failures in the economy by setting the appropriate price mechanism. Further, government will also provide equitable distribution of income and wealth in the economy, which will put positive impact on the performance of the economy. 

Government regulations are helpful in controlling the illegal activities in the economy. Regulation regarding employment is helpful in offering legal protection for the workers by setting maximum working hours for them . It is analyzed that economy operates with the huge amount of regulations. Apart from this, regulations are helpful in introducing the fresh competition in the market. Government has appointed the regulators for the price control in different utilities such as telecommunication, gas, electricity and rail transport. Therefore, government regulations also put impact on the overall economy of the countries. We provides the best Australian assignment writing team. 

In addition, taxation also plays an important role in developing the economy. Taxation policy affects the incentives of the individuals to earn additional income. It is identified that with the increase in tax rates, production of goods and services decline. On the other hand, government tax revenue does not increase as the tax rate increases. Further, taxation policy has also promoted the equitable distribution of income. Some people believes that reduction in tax will be helpful in increasing economic growth and prosperity, while some stated that reduction in tax will promote the unequal distribution of income. Thus, it is analyzed that taxation put both positive and negative impact on the economic behavior. You can check our assignment help sample for more detail. provides the best assignment help at very low price. Our   main aim is to provide best help to students who wants management assignment help. We are the best website for offering assignment help and homework help to the Students of Australia, UK and US.

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