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 In present scenario, many companies redefine their business goals and objectives, because of competition, development of new advanced technology and changing consumer preferences and tastes. Additionally, mergers and acquisitions are driving force for organizational change. This organizational change affects the employees and their behavior within organization. Organizations needed cooperation from employees to implement these changes successfully in the organization.

Impact of organizational change on employees

According to the  Organizational change can happen for several reasons including competition, advance technology, mergers and acquisitions, expanding markets and changes in business model for achieving growth. These factors would bring some changes in employees’ behavior such as:

Mental stress: When organizations implement big and large changes in operations, it results into increased mental stress among employees. It is because, these changes are new to them and they are trying to learn new system and process. But, sometimes, it is difficult for them to understand the new process and change (Decker, Wheeler, Johnson & Parsons, 2001). In case of mergers, employees are not ready to adopt the culture and working procedure of new organization that increased stress. Along with this, injustices or unfairness, lack of timely communication by management or fear of future changes may increase stress level in employees.We are the one of the best Australia Assignment help service provider.

Increased employee turnover: In organizational change situation, most companies want to reduce their costs by cutting salaries, benefits and increments of employees. It decreases employees’ motivation and they leave the company to seek new employment elsewhere. In some cases, organizations do scrutiny of employees and fire less productive employees from the organization for cost saving.

Major changes in life: Some organizational changes require major restructuring that result into big changes in employees’ life. Changes such as salary cuts, loss of benefits, downgrading in job position, job loss or transfer to another city, state or country would impact negatively on employee’s life.

Changes in employee commitment: Organizational change would affect the commitment of employees towards organization. This change in commitment influences the willingness of employees to support and work for successful implementation of change.

Cooperation of employees

To implement change successfully in the organization, full cooperation and support of employees are required by management. Employees’ involvement and participation in decision making are required. Along with this, for introducing computer-controlled production and information-based business systems in the organization, full support, and interest of learning and cooperation of employees are needed by organization. Employees’ cooperation would improve the productivity and quality of products. Apart from this, it would reduce the degree of conflict in labor relations that save time and maintain coordination among employees.

In addition of this, organization needs employees’ involvement in technical decisions related to introduction of new technologies, product development and implementation of new process etc. These decisions are taken from the expertise of workers who are directly involved in the work process (Michalski, 2012). Along with this, involvement of workers and union representatives are required to implement technical change and provide better outcomes. At the same time, proper communication regarding issues and problems in new change and some adjustment with new changes are required by management to implement change in the organization.We Provides the management assignment help, finance assignment help, accounting assignment help, business assignment help and case study assignment help.

Other factors for organizational change

Organizational change is important to survive in tough competitive business environment. Apart from new technology, mergers and acquisitions, competition and changing customer taste and preference, some additional factors are drivers of organizational change such as:

Inadequate Financial Performance: When companies are failed to achieve their financial benchmarks, they have been forced to change their business objectives and processes. Companies can face the trouble situation, when new competitor enters in the market with cheap labor and production cost or advance technology. So, organizations have to redefine their business objectives to maintain a competitive position in the market.

Change in strategic Objectives: If the strategic objectives are changed in the company, it may change its process and goals. For example, if a company shifts from a product centric company to customer centric organization, it may require new processes to maintain this orientation.

End of PLC: When a product is reached to its end stage, then companies are forced to develop new products or modify this product by implementing new technology . At this stage, companies have to cut their production costs or merge with existing competitors to maintain profitability and find new opportunities.

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