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Marketing Assignment Help: Key Role of Stakeholders and Team building

Marketing Assignment help of the following question:

Write a  paper in which you explain the role of stakeholders in implementing a quality management process.

Discuss each of the stakeholders and their specific roles in implementing a quality management process.

Provide two organizations as examples to support your answer.

 Role of Stakeholders

Stakeholders including internal and external play a vital role in executing quality management process. Stakeholders provide their feedback to organization and management that further results into execution of quality management programs. Areas of organization in terms of weaknesses are also identified by the stakeholder like employees, customers etc that motivate for quality management. For example, Starbucks and Toyota are two real world organizations that implement quality management process on the basis of feedback given by stakeholders. Our assignment help team says that in addition, stakeholders also provide grant for the execution of quality management programs.


Employees: Employees are the internal stakeholders that provide their views, opinions and suggestions for quality management process. For example, in Toyota, the viewpoints given by the employees are taken into consideration by the management to improve quality of their products and services.  It show the important role played by employees in taking quality related initiatives.

Shareholders: These are internal stakeholders that provide their financial aid to the organization for executing quality management process. For example, in Starbucks, shareholders play a key role in executing quality management related activities by granting capital.

Customers: Customers are external stakeholders that provide their valuable input in executing quality management process. For example, at Starbucks, customer feedback mechanism is used to assess the quality of coffee products. As per the feedback, changes are made in the product offerings through executing quality initiatives. To ensure greater customer satisfaction, as a part of quality management process Starbucks has also developed the goal of making 100% recyclable and reusable cup by 2015. It shows the role of customers in motivating firm like Starbucks to implement quality management activities that are eco-friendly. Introduction of Toyota Production System based on 14 quality principle is the strategy to satisfy customers by offering high quality cars in the market

Government: Government is also an external stakeholder that performs a key role in implementing quality management process. In addition, as a part of a socially responsible firm and comply the environmental related laws made by government, Starbucks has developed greener stores to offer quality services in great ambiance for customers. Similarly, to comply with the laws of environmental pollution, Toyota has introduced low fuel cars like Prius that is a hybrid car.

Communities: Communities that are external stakeholders also play a great role in quality management process. For example, Starbucks and Toyota both make changes in their production and operations process to ensure high quality in order to maintain positive corporate image in the communities. Like, Toyota introduced hybrid cars that can be considered as the output of its quality management process related initiatives. These cars have been introduced in the market to help communities to avoid any harmful effects of carbon emissions in the air. Similarly, Starbucks has started the use of renewable resources to help communities in ensuring environmental sustainability.

It can be stated that to fulfill the requirements of all stakeholders whether internal or external, Toyota and Starbucks have taken great steps to execute quality management process.

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