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Thursday, January 28, 2016

References For Change Management Plan Assignment Help

References for change management plan assignment help services from Get HRM Assignment help now !!

If you are planning to write change management plan for any organizations then you select one of the following references :

Blokdijk, G. (2008). The Change Management Toolkit - The Missing It Change Management Planning, Process, Theory and Tools Guide - Itil Compliant. USA:

Bon, J.V. (2007). Release and Control for IT Service Management, Based on ITIL: A Practitioner Guide. USA: Van Haren Publishing.

Cameron, E. & Green, M. (2004). Making Sense of Change Management: A Complete Guide to the Models, Tools & Techniques of Organizational Change. USA: Kogan Page Publishers.

Sommer, R. (2006). Public sector enterprise resource planning: issues in change management. UK: Edward Elgar.
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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Conflict and Negotiation Tactics Assignment Writing Experts

Conflict and Negotiation Tactics Assignment Writing Help from Get
business management marketing assignment help Now !

Effective Negotiation Tactic

As per the assignment writing experts, following are several negotiation tactics that would be most effective to achieve the objectives of negotiation with the company of the USA:

High Context Communication: High context communication would be followed as a negotiation tactic with the USA Company to win the situation. In other words, indirect style of communication would be used during the negotiation process.

Avoidance of Building Relationship: Social relationship building approach would be avoided during negotiation with USA Company.

Social Equality: Focus over building social equality would be given during negotiation process as a tactic of negotiation. It is so, as people in USA believe in minimizing inequality in society, so this approach would be preferred by the USA Company.

Ethical Code of Conduct: A strong ethical code of conduct would be used as a negotiation approach with the USA firm. It means, integrity and honesty would be maintained during negotiation. It is so, as USA firms strongly believe in ethical code of conduct for business deals to handle corruptions, scandals, scams, frauds etc. Hence, it would assist in achieving the desired objectives set for negotiation to purchase the key component for manufacturing the product of the company.

Ineffective Negotiation Tactic

Low Context Communication: Use of low context communication with USA firm during negotiation would be an ineffective tactic of negotiation. It is so, as people in the USA tend to follow high context communication during negotiation and other business deals. So, may be a wrong attempt to achieve the objectives of negotiation.

Social Inequality: Focus over social inequality would be an ineffective tactic for negotiation with a USA company. It is so, as USA firms believe in improving social equality. So, any attempt to make inequality in society by trying to take more benefit in negotiation for Malaysian company rather than equally for both companies would be in effective for negotiation process.

Personal Relationship Building: Focus over building personal relationship with USA Company during negotiation process would be another ineffective tactic. It is so, as people in USA believe in competition, success and money assertiveness, so they would avoid personal relationship building practices.
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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Marketing Assignment Help On Marketing Mix of Vodafone UK

Get Instant marketing mix (product, place, price, and promotion) assignment help. Marketing mix elements of Vodafone and important marketing mix element. Mix Paper assignment help on UK Vodafone

Marketing mix is an approach to integrate various marketing activities that are useful in achieving marketing objectives of an organization by satisfying needs and wants of customers. Following marketing mix is used by Vodafone to create competitive advantage over its competitors at global level:
Product: This element of marketing mix explains products and associated features with their benefits for customers. There are number of products and services provided by Vodafone to the customers namely mobiles, dongles & Mobile Wi-Fi, broad band, Vodafone live, 4G network, Vodafone Red Hot etc., which target different needs of customers at a time. Different features of Vodafone’s product or service provides several opportunities to play games, chat, receive and transfer images and video, exchange of information, mail video messages, online billing information, online recharge etc. that makes Vodafone one shop floor company.

As per the online marketing assignment help experts, Vodafone has developed and introduced broad range of branded handset to improve mobile internet experience globally. It designs its product by considering competitive offerings that enable it to create differentiation and to attract customers more effectively.  In addition, Vodafone live provides a platform to customers for accessing internet on mobile, which helps them to get range of services such as MMS, polyphonic ringtones, video messaging etc. In this way, it provides on-the move information services. By this diverse product and service range, company is able to serve customers for making several uses of its product at a time.

Price: Cost efficient pricing strategy is used by Vodafone in UK to retain existing and to attract potential customers. There are different factors namely competition level, macroeconomic changes, regulations of mobile termination rates, spectrum cost and charges of international roaming etc influence company’s pricing decisions. Monthly price plan along with pre-pay option is available that enables this company to increase accessibility for customers. Through such flexible price structure, company enables to make accessibility of its services for young and mature people both.

In addition, for every £1 spent, Vodafone UK provides NECTAR reward points to the customers and this price structure helps to retain and attract them in effective manner. At the same time as per the assignment help experts, the price structure of Vodafone also satisfies different needs of different customers at a time. For example: a two year plan of £28.33 (exc. VAT) offers unlimited UK minutes, unlimited standard UK texts and 2GB of UK interne that enables this company to target customers with different needs. 

Place: Vodafone operates its business in different countries across the world. Company has a position as the third largest mobile telecommunications network in UK after EE and O2. It sells its products and services through independent retailers e.g. Carphone Warehouse. It runs over 350 of its own stores that distribute its products and services in UK Currently, company has established a distribution centre namely Vodafone Distribution Limited. This distribution division is categorized into different business units such as Retail, Corporate and Connect.  With the business assignment help experts of this distribution division, company is able to serve each business unit effectively by fulfilling needs of particular customers as per their needs and wants . At distribution centers, customers can see and handle those products that they want to buy. Apart from this, company also focuses on different aspects of distribution channel such as inventory control, transportation, warehousing, storage facility, etc.

Promotion: In promotion mix, Vodafone uses various effective promotional strategies such as mobile advertising, social networking sites, sales promotion techniques including offers and discounts, etc.  For example, company has used mobile advertising in more than 18 countries to promote its products and services. In addition by the assignment writing help, company also uses social networking media like facebook, YouTube, Orkut, Google+, Twitter, etc. to provide information regarding its products and offers and promotional schemes to local and global customers. In its marketing promotional campaigns and activities, company focuses on attributes and features of its products and services that help to attract customers in the market.

Customer relationship management also works as promotional tool for the company to develop awareness among customers worldwide. Well designed advertisements of company including humours and sentiments also help the company to establish a relationship with customers. For this, it uses different means of advertising or marketing such as TV, radio, magazines, billboards, online marketing, etc. and press releases through news paper and channels that are helpful in communicating its marketing messages to large audiences effectively. Company includes famous icons as brand personality such as David Beckham in the advertising campaigns to convey its brand value to customers and make a direct impact on attitudes and sentiments of customers.

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Organizational structure essay on: MNC Influence Assignment

Get Organizational structure essay assignment help, influencing factors and impact on selection of organizational structure in MNC by


In the international expansion of a firm, it is important to see the appropriate control on the foreign operations because of the presence of influencing factors that can affect the effectiveness and significance of its decisions related to the selection of organizational structure (Pudelko & Harzing, 2008). So, this paper would describe three major influencing factors and their impact on the selection of organizational structure in the context of an MNC.

Influencing Factors 

Followings are the major factors that can influence the decisions of an MNC to select the organizational structure.

Different business strategies: In the concern of global business accessibility, strategy plays an important role in the context of an MNC along with its respective growth in host countries because of its direct impact on the strength of organizational structure. Therefore, this factor can influence the decision of an MNC related to the selection of organizational structure for doing business in foreign market (Voola & O’Cass, 2010). In general, the business strategy is useful for an MNC in competitive marketplace because it helps to determines how a MNC is going to position itself in the market of host countries in terms of its operational structure. The different types of strategies could be used by an MNC to make difference between organizational and the domestic manufacturers’ characteristics for covering the largest segment of market in host countries (Atkeson & Burstein, 2008).

Some of MNCs use distinction strategy to introduce the new and advanced products along with quality to attract new customers fruitfully. But, this type of strategy could be able to influence the innovative nature of an MNC along with its operating functions in both manners because the adoptability process of customers for new products by new seller could not be happen immediately (Etro, 2009). Hence, the innovative strategies play an influencing role in the selection of organizational structure by an MNC because it directly influences the stability measures of MNC to cover current marketplace. For covering the huge part of market, the strategies of the offered products and price could be more effective because it could help MNC to achieve its objective in host countries (Cui, Griffith, Cavusgil & Dabic, 2006). But, any lack would reduce the effectiveness of an MNC’s organizational structure in new business market and can affect the sustainability factors.

Environmental factors: Environment is a vital term for the organizational structure of an MNC along with its selection for host market because it could be able to affect sustainability and fertility of MNC’s in the host market. The internal environment can play a significant role in the growth of an MNC that can also help its management to improve the operating standards for facing the different circumstances in global market (Andersson, Forsgren & Holm, 2007). Therefore, there are several factors of environment such as technological change, business policies, and global economic condition, which can influence the structure of MNCs. The environment of any business place could be based on the economic system, legal and political aspect of that country. Therefore, it could influence the structure of an MNC for earning huge profits because of its responsive nature. The volatility of market along with the instability of hosting government can directly affect the growth of an MNC (Parry, 2012). So, the flexible structure of an MNC can be able to reduce the impact of volatility. 

Promotional communication: The promotion of the products makes significant communication with customers in marketplace. So, the promotion policy is an effective marketing tool for MNCs that defines the communication activities in the global market. If an MNC goes for product promotion in global market, different consequences related to communication can influence the decision of firm related to the selection of organizational structure (Johnson & Demand Media, 2012). MNCs spend a lot of money in products endorsement that also increases the cost of the production therefore; the availability of high cost products in host country market could be a problem for MNC in its marketing communication because it can influence the decision of organizational structure (Bjorkman, Barner-Rasmussen & Li, 2004). In the context of an MNC, communication enables to generate new desires in the mind of customers. So, the continuous and effective relationship may increase the operational functions that significantly participate in the profit making structure of the organization (Chen, Hou & Fan, 2009). Next circumstance in the perfect and effective communication is the culture of host country that can affect the marketing functions of an MNC and consequently its structure selection.

Therefore, customers could not be able to adopt the products that can affect the marketing department along with the operational departments of an MNC. Hence, it could negatively influence the integrated structure of an MNC. If the MNCs communicate with customers then many cultural issues come like language, level of literacy, religion of customers’, along with their beliefs and work ethics (Evensky, 2005). It creates a barrier between potential customers and MNCs and also reduces the competency of MNCs structure in the context of other organizations in host country. So, organizations’ decision for selecting organizational structure is also influenced with communication requirements of the firm.

It is concluded that several influencing factors work at the different place of markets that could be able to influence the selection of organizational structure of an MNC. So, these factors help the MNC to understand the different business consequences to adopt relative structure to ensure long-term growth of the organization.

Andersson, U., Forsgren, M. & Holm, U. (2007). Balancing subsidiary influence in the federative MNC: a business network view. Journal of International Business Studies, 38, 802–818.

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Etro, F. (2009). Endogenous Market Structures and the Macroeconomy. Germany: Springer.

Evensky, J. (2005). Adam Smith's Moral Philosophy: A Historical and Contemporary Perspective on Markets, Law, Ethics, and Culture. USA: Cambridge University Press.

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Voola, R. & O’Cass, A. (2010). Implementing competitive strategies: the role of responsive and proactive market orientations. European Journal of Marketing, 44(1-2), 245-266.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Leadership versus Management Assignment Help

Leadership versus Management Assignment Help on concepts of leadership and management and similarities and differences between them from

Concepts of Leadership and Management 

According to assignment help experts, No, the concept of leadership and management are not the same. Leadership works on leading people concept, while management works on managing the people concept. The concept of leadership is doing right things, while in management, doing things right concept is followed by the managers. Administering things is followed in management, while in leadership, innovation concept is followed.

Leadership versus Management Assignment Help Similarities

Following are similarities between leadership and management assignment help

Skills: Skills applied by leadership and management are similar. It is so, as they think beyond the limits for the welfare of their organizations. Both leaders and managers have political skills to address the challenges of conflicting situations.

Emphasis: Emphasis put by leadership and management is also similar. In other words, both leaders and managers put emphasis on intangibles of vision, motivation and values.

Goals: Goals of leaders and managers are also similar. It means, for both leadership and management, it is vital to achieve organizational goals with available resources. 

Thinking: Thinking level of leaders and managers is also same, as they both focus over renewal.

Leadership versus Management Assignment Help Differences

Following are differences between leadership and management

Job: The job of leader is to motivate and inspire the people. In contrast to this, manager’s job is to plan, organize and control the people.

Perspectives: Leader focuses over long range perspective, while the manager focuses over short term perspective..

Focus: Focus of the leader is on people. On the other hand, manager’s focus is on systems and structures. The focus of management is on analyzing the results. Contrasting to this, in leadership, the leaders focus over empowering groups to make them stronger for goal achievement.

Approach: Approach used by leaders and managers is also different. Leaders approach people by trusting them, while managers approach people by controlling them.

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

HRM Strategy Assignment Help

HR assignment help on approach to customizing HRM strategy to business strategies by experienced human resource experts.

Customizing HRM Strategy to Business Strategies

Our Humans resource assignment help experts says that HRM Strategy is a significant path for the business
organization by which a company connects the HR functions with the strategic vision and objectives of the organization in order to improve the overall performance in an effective way. In contrast, business strategies represent long term plan of action for the organization that are developed by the companies to attain specific organizational goals as well as objectives. Simply, HRM strategies are customized by the business organization in order to take the competitive advantages.

For instance, by considering an example of Lincoln Electric Company that is one of the largest cost leader producers of electrodes and welding machinery in the same industry. Recently, the company has integrated its several human resource management strategies with the business strategies in order to take the competitive advantages over the competitors. It means company’s incentive and compensation plans help the management to fulfill organizational objectives by encouraging and motivating the employees. So, hiring policy of HRM strategy will be developed as per the business strategies of the company.

In addition, social recruitment under HRM strategies will be followed by the company to fulfill the business needs of increasing use of social networking sites for business. In this way, HRM strategies are integrated by the company with the business strategy. On the other hand, it should also be noted down that HRM strategies can be put together with the business strategy on the basis of data collected over the current performance against the objectives / target set previously, which includes return on investment, profitability, etc.  So, HR strategies would be developed as per the results of company's external environment such as: political/ economic/social/.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

References for Business Strategy and Corporate Strategy Assignment Experts

Get the reference list for Business Strategy and Corporate Strategy Assignment Experts for writing online marketing assignment help.

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References for Business Strategy and Corporate Strategy Assignment Experts

Alessandra, T. & Barrera, R. (2006). Collaborative Selling: How to Gain the Competitive Advantage in Sales. NY: Morgan James Publishing.

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Jespersen, K.R. (2007). Is the screening of product ideas supported by the NPD process design?. European Journal of Innovation Management, 10(4), 453-466.

Olson, E.M., Slater, S.F. & Hult, G.T. (2005). The performance implications of fit among business strategy, marketing, organization structure, and strategic behavior. Journal of Marketing, 69, 49-65.

Porter, M.E. & Kramer, M.R. (2006). Strategy & Society. Harvard business review, 1-13.

Monday, January 4, 2016

CRM - Assignmenthelpexperts

CRM example and customer relationship management assignment help and get essay writing assignment help study samples ...

Examples of Businesses Using CRM Model by assignmenthelpexperts

It has been analyzed by the assignment help that nowadays every company uses the CRM model in order

to build the strong customer base and attract large part of customers. Companies can increase the profit by
attracting large part of customers from the market place. As research by the business assignment help that Companies such as W&O Supply, Scotia McLeod and Dolphin Software has increased its capability to compete with other firms and also able to build strong and profitable customer relationships. W&O is the largest marine pipe supplier in United States. This company uses the customer relationship management system in order to stay connected with each customers and new business opportunities. This company has made its sound image only through the strong Customer Relationship Management. Therefore assignment helper says that , this company has used as the model of CRM for other business companies.

 Secondly, Scotia McLeod is one of the largest financial organizations, which provide various investment and financial services to the customers. This organization is also used as the model of CRM for other firms. This organization believes that financial service sector is the people driven business, where its success is majorly dependent on the customer service and intimate relationships. Therefore, this organization has increased its overall profitability only through strong and healthy customer relationships. This company is focused towards developing an ability to turn every customer interaction into the opportunity in order to provide additional services to the clients.

This company believes that it needs to be proactive in order to serve the customers in effective and efficient manner. With the help of this company is able to make its clients happy and also built the new customer base. It has been analyzed that in order to retain the customers for long term, company use different strategies. Such as customers that are not tracked are immediately sent to another branch of the organization. Thus, CRM - assignmenthelpexperts team says that companies have to develop the skills and knowledge of employees in order to make strong Customer Relationship Management. Effectiveness of the CRM program is majorly depends on the ability of the employees.    

 Lastly, Dolphin Software Inc. is the privately owned software company. This company has increased its sales force in order to fulfill the demands of customers on time and has increased the resources. Company is focused towards using the CRM software application which has helped the company in attracting the large part of customers. With the increase in customer base, demand for products and services has also increased. It is the challenge for the company to fulfill the changing demand of customers within limited workforce. Due to this reason, company has to increase its resources in order to fulfill its increasing demand. All these three companies are served as the model of CRM for other companies.

With its improved software, company believed that Maximizer Software has the ability to continuously serving the needs of customers at all level and it will serve the customers effectively as the sales volume increased. Therefore, our assignment experts says that company has used the software in order to make improvement in the customer relationship program.

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