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Thursday, December 28, 2017

In-store Promotions Customer of brand awareness

In-store promotional methodology is generally used by the organizations to provide the actual information about the products that makes a significant impact over their purchasing decisions during the activities of purchasing. On the other hand, the other researcher O’Cass & Fenech describe the importance of in-store promotion in customers’ awareness in different ways. They say that the displays of the products are also an important element of in-store promotion in the context of brand awareness. Under this promotion strategy, the shopkeepers show the product in their showcase that gives the importance to the products because customers feel that no one could present the low quality products in their showcases (E-Business Assignment Help). 

Most of the supermarkets in UK use the in-store promotional activities to attract the customers towards different products and services and derive them online (Marketing Public Relations Assignment Help). Hence, with the help of this promotional activity, the organizations increase awareness about the products in the mind of customers. Whereas, Burt & Sparks opposes the above statement and say that in-store promotion has only one dimension that works from organizations to customers. Therefore, only the powerful presentation of the products could not be effective for the organizations to make the customers aware because customers choose those products that meet with the needs, whether the products are displayed in shop or not (corporate strategy assignment help).

The methodologies of in-store promotion cover the shops’ wall with the posters and displays related to products. Generally, displays are putted by shopkeepers at the near of cash counter. It makes a permanent impression on the customers because the cash related activities in the stores needs the important time of the customers and that time customers also put their eyes on the displays of the shops. After that, whenever the customers will see the ads of the products at different places, they could easily recognize the products without any problems. Hence, the recall of brand also helps the organizations to increase the brand awareness of the products.

In other words, Washburn & Plank say if the customers could recall the brand or could identify the products in different conditions, then it could be stated that the customers are aware about the products. Ahearne & Bhattacharya (Marketing Advertising Plan Assignment Help) presents the relationship between the decision making process of the customers and brand awareness and argue that the consideration of customer related brand of products could not show that customers have full information about the products.   

Saturday, December 9, 2017

CRM Techniques and Strategies for Customer Retention

The research will define the role and importance of the CRM strategies and practices for retaining the customers in the competitive marketplace. So, this research has wide scope for the firms to adopt the CRM tools and techniques to retain the customers for long period of time. At the same time, another aim of the research is related with defining the use of promotional strategies as a tool to create brand awareness and to maintain relationship with the customers. So, this study will help the firms to adopt the effective and appropriate tools and actions to create brand identity in the competitive marketplace.

It is because CRM tools and techniques help the firm to identify the customers’ interest and attitude towards organizational product that ensures the adoption of the effective and appropriate action. It ensures to the solution of the customers’ problem and create positive image among them. So, how an organization can expand positive brand image and identity, this research will have wide scope. Overall, to identify the ways that can help the firms to increase their sales and customers base along with improving organizational image in the competitive marketplace, this study has scope. For the scholars, this study also has scope in terms of developing knowledge about the CRM concept, in-store promotional strategies and retention of the customers.

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Seven Lessons from the Thomas Edison's life for students

Thomas Edison is a very popular name among all of us. When we studied in school, there was a complete lesson on this successful scientist and inventor. He has invented an electric bulb, camera, phonograph and many things. His inventions have changed our world and the way of living.
With us, students can also learn no. of things from him. If Students really follow some of the lessons from his life, they may have a very bright future.  
So, here comes Seven Lessons from the Thomas Edison's life for students.
1.       Try & Try till you Succeed
Thomas Edison said to give up is the biggest weakness of us. Never give up!
Sometimes students tried no. of times to complete their assigned task but when things don’t work out, they give up. Edison insists to try one more time to succeed. To get successful, one must be required to keep trying. So, students should also try and try till they get succeed. They can follow this lesson in their entire life.
2.       Use your capability to do amazing things
According to Edison, if anyone did what he is capable of he can astound himself.
Every student has god gifted some sort of talent by birth. It shows all of them are capable of doing something amazing. So, students should identify and used their talent in the best possible way to astound the whole world.
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3.       Be what you love
Edison said do what you love!
For students, they must make their career in such stream which they love most. Always choose the subjects you like and make your career in the line you love most. It makes the work easy and relieved you from boredom. This helps the students to succeed in their career and future.  
4.       Failure…What is that

According to Thomas Edison, failure is no such thing. He tried 10,000 times to invent the electric bulb but don’t succeed. He always learnt something new from each and every attempt & from his mistakes. And finally he got succeed.
Students must learn from their mistakes and never treated them as failures. Surely, they will attain success.
5.       Another Way is always there
Thomas said when all the possibilities are exhausted, there’s always another way.
It happens, you tried all the possible ways but unable to attain what you wish. Remember, another way is always there. Think once again with a relax mind. You can ask for help too. Getting advice from your parents, faculties and elders is ok. 
6.       Be Creative& Imaginative
To invent, a person needs a good imagination. Edison was successful because he was creative and used his imagination.
Students are required to be creative and imaginative. They must think out of the box. Their professors or parents always welcomed their new and amazing ideas. These ideas help them to be successful, as their idea is their goal, purpose, aim everything.  
7.       Lots of Hard work & patience
To succeed, hard work & patience is required to pursuit your ideas. Edison did very hard work to invent the things. He has not invented electric bulb in a single or double day. It takes long time. And finally he succeeds due to his hard work and patience.
Students are required to do hard work and keep patience to attain a good academic career and future prospects. No one has attained success in one day.

These seven lessons from Thomas Edison life proves to be very effective for the students to succeed.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Merger and Acquisition assignment_help_expert

Merger & Acquisition are very important activities for a business. This blog post from our assignment help tutors, would help you learn about M&A activities and different perspective on this topic so that you could excel in your finance related assignment help

The M&A of the two or more companies can be benefited for the companies because of its several benefits. The M&A has played an important role to improve the financial performance of number of
companies in all over the world. Gu (2006) depicted that merger also plays an important role in the economic development as it provides synergy gains to merged organizations that causes an increase in their production and operational effectiveness and facilitate overall development of an economy. The merger or acquisition enables a company to expand its operation or production process through restructuring the organizational and production structure that helps to survive in the competitive market (Gu 2006).
There are several motives and benefits such as improvement in financial performance, operational performance, strategic performance, diversification to reduce risk, tax relief, economics of scale, improving efficiency of operations, lack of profitable opportunities etc. that motivates the organizations to implement this strategy (Ogilvie 2006). But at the same time, there are several other factors such as sometime business become so large that causes an increase in unit cost, sometimes increases work redundancy etc. that decrease the organizational interest for merger and acquisition. The companies that consider merger and acquisitions also consider the disadvantages of merger in its decision making.
M&A activities are also effective from the strategic perspectives as it provides different types of
strategic benefits to the organizations. Larsson & Finkelstein (1999) explained through the use of integrative model that merged firms realize the synergy gains from the M&A in the context of finance, strategy, human resources, and economics. The research explained that the success of merger mainly depends over the degree of synergy gains realized by the merged firms. This argument is also supported in the research conducted by Cartwright & Cooper (1995), Demirbag, Ng & Tatoglu. Larsson & Finkelstein described that the main motive of M&A is to achieve economies of scale and market power. But at the same time, there are some other reasons also for the firm that leads them to be engaged in M&A such as entry in a new market, capture existing customer base etc. 
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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Assignment Help on Role of Accounting Information in Business Decisions

Use of Accounting Data in Decision Making

As the CFO of the company our assignment help experts explained following ways of accounting data that are used to take decisions and three accounting terms. Accounting information is needed for any financial and economic decisions. Knowledge of accounting concepts, standards and
measurement system is very essential for decision making. Accounting data are focused on the recording of past actual events. The transactions are recorded, measured and reported (Jackson, Sawyers & Jenkins, 2008). Past data are used as a guide to future estimates of different alternatives. Accounting data and information are used to make budgets and internal and external decisions. Apart from this, accounting information is used to make better decisions for resource allocation (Jackson, Sawyers & Jenkins, 2008). This information is used by internal and external decision makers for investigating, interpreting and communicating financial results.

Three Accounting Terms

Consistency is the accounting theory that should be applied in future accounting periods. This method can be changed due to valid business reason. New method will be followed for all accounting cycles and it will never affect on the accounting cycle (Schroeder, Clark & Cathey, 2010). Conservatism is another accounting term. It states that all liabilities are accounted, when there are chances that they will not occur and revenues are accounted only when they have occurred. Liabilities are important for decision makers in creating wise decisions (Schroeder, Clark & Cathey, 2010).

Materiality is the term that focuses on relevant and important facts of accounting. In this, monetary information is material and non monetary information is immaterial. Only monetary transactions are recorded and non monetary information is included in the financial statements, when the information is needed by investors to evaluate the company (Schroeder, Clark & Cathey, 2010). At the same time, transactions that not affect income in the present time but may effect in the future, are recorded in the financial statements.


Jackson, S. R., Sawyers, R. B. & Jenkins, J. G. (2008). Managerial Accounting: A Focus on Ethical Decision Making. USA: Cengage Learning.

Schroeder, R. G., Clark, M. W. & Cathey, J. M. (2010). Financial Accounting Theory and Analysis: Text and Cases. USA: John Wiley and Sons.

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Online Foreign Marketing Features Assignment Help

Special Features of Competing in Foreign Market

As per assignment help experts, a business can perform its business operations in the foreign market, if it is capable to compete with other international organizations. There are some special features of
competing in the foreign market. First, capability building is an especial feature that helps the company to compete in the foreign market, because it affects the ability to make sales (Mitschke, 2008). For new marketer, it is important to improve the credibility to compete in the market. In addition, the other feature of competing in foreign market is to work with other partners such as consumers, main suppliers, third party endorsements and distributors.

At the same time, the companies also use testimonials in the foreign market that increase the trust of people in the business. The businesses reassure testimonials from the previous consumers that increase the credibility of the company, because people will do business with the company with decreasing risks (New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, 2012). In the foreign market, the capacity and capability of the organization also increase due to having backup suppliers, outsource some production and lease additional production equipment. It is important thing to compete with the rivals in the international and foreign markets.

Along with this, the business also has a robust export business plan to compete with competitors in the foreign market. The business spends some time to work with the business plan to take competitive advantages and sustain in the foreign market. This business plan anticipates issues before arising them that requires skills, finance and infrastructure. In addition, the business also prepares finance for its operations (Wilson, 2010). The finance can be made more effective by making a cash flow forecast that helps to determine the cash inflows and outflows of the company in the future. It is also important to avoid overtrading situations of the organization from the foreign market.

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Scenario Assignment Help | Scenario Case Study Assignment Help

Get Scenario assignment help on Property by the US and Australian assignment help writer. Get original assignment help now.

Scenario 2: Property
Frankie Smith age 12, lived with his mother, Vanessa Smith, in a rental house next to a farm owned by Daphne and Brandon Brown. On the back of the farm property was a small creek that had good fishing, but there were deadly piranha in the waters. Frankie would often sneak onto the farm property to fish. One day, while fishing on the farm, he was bitten by a piranha and severely injured. While running to help her son on the farm property, Vanessa tripped on a wire and broke her leg. The Smiths sue the Browns for their injuries.
Explain whether theBrowns owe a duty of care to Frankie and Vanessad that some of these payments were voidable preferences. Is the trustee correct? If so, which payment(s) is a voidable preference and why?

 Scenario assignment help
Duty of care refers to the individual’s responsibility to take care of people and they will not suffer with any unreasonable harm or loss. This duty is mainly regards for person who is owed by the individual. As per the duty relates, if that individual do not follow that promise and someone get harmed by his or her irresponsibility then one should be liable to get sued by that injured or harmed person (Moffat & Bean, 2005). 

In this scenario, Frankie Smith is of age 12 and lived with mother in a rental house owned by Daphne and Brandon Brown. Frankie and Vanessa were got injured in property of Browns so it was responsibility of Browns to take care of such hazardous creek which has deadly piranha. If they know that piranha may harm someone then it was their duty of care that they will make some boundaries around it. Also, the injury of Vanessa is also reflects the negligence of Browns of duty of care as it was their duty to put wires in non-harmful condition (Christensen, Duncan & Walsh, 2004).  Therefore, both Frankie and Vanessa were owed by Brown under the duty of care. It was the responsibility of owner to take care of property and made some arrangements it there hazardous things are available.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Newspaper Article Analysis Assignment Help

Get  New York Times Newspaper Article analysis assignment help by assignment help experts. Get 24X7 assignment help.

Following are three projects selected by assignment help experts from New York Times article published on 9th April 2012.

First Project: First project contained in the newspaper article is titled “Newark Project Aims to Link Living
and Learning”. This news is considered as a project due to its content. As per the news, this project is expected to develop a teacher’s village, which will include educational charters and housing that is affordable for teachers. This project would cost around $149 million and completed within 2years (Commercial, April 9, 2012). Therefore, on the basis of my perspectives, due to the budget, schedule and stages of this activity, it is termed as project.

Second Project: Second project is titled as “In Barclays Center’s Shadow, Awaiting What’s Next”. This activity is termed as project due to its specifications and functions. Barclays center that is having capacity of 19000 seats will be open in next 6 months for the nets to play. It will also organize concerts that are expected to increase the price of real estate. Hence, as per my perspective, due to its goals and resources, it is termed as project.

Third Project: This project is titled as “Development Thrives in the Hudson Rail Yards”.  This activity will include the development of 200 unit rental building in the location of 509 west 38th street that is west of 10th Avenue in the Hudson Rail Yards. This activity will advance the transformation in the city. So, from my perspective, due to its aims, resource and specifications, it is termed as a project.

Comparison of Two Projects

First Project titled “Newark Project Aims to Link Living and Learning” and second project titled In Barclays Center’s Shadow, Awaiting What’s Next” are real estate projects. In first project, educational development is chosen as the main field. In contrast, second project is aimed to develop sports area. First project is of long duration of 2years, while second project is short of 6 months (Commercial, April 9, 2012). First project is more costly as compared to second project. The similarity is their relatedness to real estate field. In addition, first project of developing teacher’s village is receiving much attention as compared to second budget of Barclay’s center. Extent of innovation is higher in first project rather than second project.

The two projects would be successful, as these are aimed to achieve economic development of city. First project would be successful; as it is receiving area like, around 134000 sq feet two buildings are provided for charter school development and 289,000 sq feet area of six buildings will provide area for rental apartments of teachers. First project has also received fund from government due to its aim of achieving social, educational and economical development of citizens. Similarly, second project would be successful, as it is aimed to provide a considerable space for sports related activities. Along with this assignment help, second project would receive attention of real estate authorities due to its location.

Best Project

On the basis of comparison by our assignment help experts, it can be stated that first project, which is aimed to develop teacher’s village is the best project. It is so, as this project is aimed to develop educational prospects by opening charter schools along with affordable housing. Furthermore, this project is designed by the noted Architect Richard Meier, so from specifications point of view, it would be a best project due to its innovation as well as excellence (Commercial, April 9, 2012). This project would result into economic, educational and social benefits for the community people that are another positive aspect of this project. Lastly, this project will link living with learning that makes it best.


Commercial (April 9, 2012). Retrieved April 9, 2012 from

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Corporate Responsibility Case Study Analysis Assignment Help

Corporate responsibility Case Study Analysis Assignment Help on  Legal Analysis, Ethical Analysis by

Corporate Responsibility

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Corporate responsibility Case Study Analysis Assignment Help


As per the case study analysis, it is observed that in R&S Electronic Service Company, head of payroll department Jane faced issue of ethics due to the misuse of high commission services by the general manager. Jane, Eddie, Brad and Greg are the stakeholders in this case. Interest of Jane is to ensure confidentiality of information in the company. Interest of general manager, Eddie is to give high commissioner service to his brother. Interest of Greg is to earn maximum high commission services.            

Legal Analysis

Employment Law

Yes, equal pay act of US government established in 1963 is applicable to the case of compensation discrimination occurred in R&S Electronic Service Company.

Legality of Corporate Actions

According to the equal pay act of 1963, to discriminate in compensation at workplace is illegal (The Equal Pay Act of 1963). As per the case of R&S Electronic Service Company, it can be stated that Eddie discriminates the compensation between his brother and other technicians in terms of work tickets. So,  it is illegal action occurring in the company that can  face lawsuit, if presented before legal system.

Ethical Analysis
According to categorical imperative theory, individuals should do to the maxim and it should not reach to contradictory assumptions. In other words, it can be argued that individuals should only those actions, which are as per the rule of conduct and are able to become universal law. So, if this theory is applied in the case study, it would result into universal law, which will state that employees should not misuse the organizational services for their personal benefits. It is so, as to use organizational services for personal benefits are not ethical and legal, so this would be a universal law.

Utilitarian theory: As per this theory, individuals should choose those actions that result into maximum happiness. If this theory is applied in the case study of R&S Electronic Service Company, result would be maximum happiness in the corporation (Geirsson, Holmgren & Holmgren, 2010). If Jane applied this theory, it would result into the happiness of all other employees, who work with honesty and dedication in the company. The consequences of this theory would result into goodness for all in the company.

Rights Theory: Rights theory states that every person owns a set of rights and it’s up to the governing body to protect their rights. So, if this theory is applied in the case, it would result into the protection of technician’s rights of R&S Electronic Service Company. It is so, as issues covered under rights theory are slavery, abortion, privacy, property ownership, animal rights etc. So, in the case, rights of technicians would be protected to provide them equal pay as like of

Justice Theory:  According to justice theory, persons should be treated equally as per the law and wealthy people should not claim greater rights than other people (Simon, 2000). If this theory is applied in this case, it would result into the equal treatment of technicians in R&S Electronic Service Company.


On the basis of above discussion, it can be concluded by our case study experts that ethical theories are base of what is right and what is wrong. So, by applying the ethical theories, it can be inferred that Jane should not feel fear and inform Brad about what is going in the company. It can be also inferred that by applying theories of ethics, it is easy to resolve issues of ethics. Furthermore, it is also stated that through understanding ethics, an individual can make differentiation between ethical and unethical conduct. It can be also stated that ethical theories facilitate moral development that is good for organizations to ensure ethical conduct.


On the basis above analysis of case by assignment help experts, it can be identified that R&S Electronic Service if facing issue of compensation discrimination. Firm should develop ethical code of conduct to ensure that no one misuse any company capital for personal use. Under this ethical code of conduct, it is recommended to the board of director to see whether that compensation offered to the employees is under the HR policy of the company. Furthermore, it is also essential for the top management to ensure that everyone is following proper ethical code of conduct (Jennings, 2008).

Another thing that should be done by the company is to make strict policy regarding ethical and unethical behavior of employees. Firm should make a scrutiny about the compensation of relatives working in the company. Under this scrutiny, firm should make sure that everything is clearly communicated to all groups. By doing so, it would be helpful to avoid bottleneck and implement core values like honesty, faith, trust and integrity among the employees. Another reason behind developing strict policy regarding ethical behavior is that if any employee is doing work with honesty, he will be promoted before all his/her colleagues.

On the other hand, if any employee is using the organizational resources discriminately like, he/she will be punished. So, this policy will help in minimizing the illegal and unethical practices at the workplace. Another reasoning of developing ethical policy is the impact of such policies, as these will motivate the employees to do work with integrity and also develop fear that if they do any wrong conduct, it can result into negative consequences like termination and demotion.


Geirsson,H, Holmgren, M & Holmgren, M.R. (2010). Ethical Theory: A Concise Anthology. (2nd edn). Broadview Press.

Jennings, M.M. (2008). Business Ethics: Case Studies and Selected Readings. (6th edn). Cengage Learning.        

The Equal Pay Act of 1963. (n.d). Retrieved March 30th 2012 from

Simon, W.H. (2000). The Practice of Justice: A Theory of Lawyers' Ethics. Harvard University Press.

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Panera Bread Company Case Study Assignment Help

Get case study assignment help on Panera Bread Company. You will get complete and A++ case study help from our experts.

We provide the case study assignment help of the following work..If you need this case study assignment help or any company case study assignment help you can contact us 24X7.

Strategic Alternatives and Recommended Strategy

1. Can the current or revised objectives be met through more careful implementation of those strategies presently in use (for example, fine tuning the strategies)?

2. What are the major feasible alternative strategies available to the corporation? What are the pros and cons of each? Can corporate scenarios be developed and agreed on? (Alternatives must fit the natural physical environment, societal environment, industry and corporation for the next three to five years).

a. Consider stability, growth and retrenchment as corporate strategies.

b. Consider cost leadership and differentiation as business strategies.

c. Consider any functional strategic alternatives that might be needed for reinforcement of an important corporate or business strategic alternative.

Recommended Strategy

1. Specify which of the strategic alternatives you are recommending for the corporate business and functional levels of the corporation. Do you recommend different business or functional strategies for different units of the corporations?

2. Justify your recommendation in terms of its ability to resolve both long and short-term problems and effectively deal with the strategic factors.

3. What policies should be developed or revised to guide effective implementation?

4. What is the impact of your recommended strategy on the company’s core and distinctive competencies?


A. What kinds of programs or tactics (for example, restructuring the corporation or instituting TQM) should be developed to implement the recommended strategy?

1. Who should develop these programs/tactics?

2. Who should be in charge of these programs/tactics?

B. Are the programs/tactics financially feasible? Can pro forma budgets be developed and agreed on? Are priorities and timetables appropriate to individual programs/tactics?

C. Will new standard operating procedures need to be developed?

Evaluation and Control
A. Is the current information system capable of providing sufficient feedback on implementation activities and performance? Can it measure strategic factors?
1. Can performance results be pinpointed by area, unit, project, or function?
2. Is the information timely?
3. Is the corporation using benchmarking to evaluate its functions and activates?
B. Are adequate control measures in place to ensure conformance with the recommended strategic plan?
1. Are appropriate standards and measures being used?
2. Are reward systems capable of recognizing and rewarding good performance

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