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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Decision Making Process Assignment Help

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An effective decision making process assignment help involves following steps:

Define the Problem/Goal: This is the first step in the decision making process. This step clearly identifies the main purpose of decision and what exactly is the problem that needs to be solved. Additionally, this step addresses the following questions: why does a decision need to be made?  What will be the outcome if no decision is made?  What outcome is desired. 

Gather Information: The next step is to collect the necessary and important information that is directly related to the problem. Through this, the manager can better understand what needs to be done in solving the problem, and will also help to generate ideas for a possible solution.

Evaluating Identified Alternatives: In this step, the manager looks at positive as well as negative consequences. Additionally, this step is more significant, because with the help of this, a manager can determine actual impact of final decision on people that are involved in the process. This also identifies the impact of decision on the current and future state of the organization.

Make the decision:  After evaluating each alternative, now the manager identifies goal, gathers all necessary information, weighs the consequences and makes the final decision. Simply, it is time to make a choice and actually execute final decision. The best alternative is the one with the highest degree of probability that it will resolve the problem at the least amount of risk.

Implementing the decision: On the basis of above steps, the manager implements the decision to a problem effectively. Simply, as per this step, the manager is responsible to implement a best decision to accomplish desired outcomes.

Evaluating the decision: Evaluation of decision is necessary to evaluate the decision, because this step is probably important and helps a manager in developing decision making skills for future problems

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Friday, November 27, 2015

e-business assignment help

E- Business Assignment Help | E-Commerce Assignment Help

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In this assignment help you will get the answer of : What are the major business trends that companies pursuing e-business should embrace?

 Business Trends

 According to management assignment help experts there is various business trends in the companies that are companies pursuing e-business should embrace. The major business trends for companies are management of technology, management of supply chains, the internet, e-commerce, globalization, outsourcing, agility and ethical behavior. All these trends are used by the companies due to advanced technology and global competition in the competitive environment. Companies pursuing e-business should embrace the management of technology due to changing landscape of industry. Some trends are identified related to the customers such as faster service, self-service, more product choice and integrated solutions.

 Management of technology is quite effective business trend that helps the manager to create new opportunities and to set clearer expectation to the organization. Netflix, Fresh Direct and Zara are some great examples that effectively manage the technology for realizing how technology creates business model for taking competitive advantages. In addition, the internet is other business trend in e-business organization that should be embraced by the company. It is because; it is the best way to interact with people and to build social capital. It is a good business trend in the current social revolution for mass collaboration, self-organization and open innovation.

 Supply chain management is an e-business application and service for the organization. This should also be embraced by the organization to improve the quality and transparency in the suppliers. Supply chain management focuses on three key factors that are visibility, variability and velocity. These key factors are helpful to improve the effectiveness of the companies that are pursuing the e-business. At the same time, e-business companies should embrace ethical behavior to benefit the organization as well as society. Some reasons are identified that promote the use of ethical behavior in the company. Ethical behavior is quite significant in the innovation of new product. The use of ethical behavior engages sustainability to cut the cost of production.  Brand differentiation, long-term thinking, customer engagement and employee engagement are some other reasons that persuade organization to embrace ethical behavior. 

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Google Technology Research Assignment Help

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We did the following assignment help of the following Google technology research assignment help:
Analyze these five Google technologies that are currently under research and development.
Self-driving Automobile            
Home Automation
Smart thermostat
Google fiber
Cancer approach or clean energy. Choose one.
Analysis of Self-Driving Automobile (500-word description & analysis of impacts on society)
Analysis of Home automation (500-word description & analysis of impacts on society)
Analysis of Smart thermostats (500-word description & analysis of impacts on society)
Analysis of google fiber (500-word description & analysis of impacts on society)
Analysis of clean energy/ cancer approach. (Choose one of them) (500-word description & analysis of impacts on society)
APA In-Text Citations and APA Reference List

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

International Marketing Assignment Help

International Marketing Assignment Help | Marketing Assignment Help

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 In this assignment help you will get the idea of role of government in international trade, the various levels of economic integration and the impact of international marketing.

Role of Government in International Trade

International trade is the exchange of goods, services and ideas across international boundaries that allows for a great competition with competitive pricing in the market. International trade provides opportunities for trade partners in different countries for the exchange of goods and services. The exchange of goods and services contributed into the growth of country economy. Government’s policies such as the providing licensing and other permission, rules and regulations, taxes structure, etc play an important role in the growth of international trade in an economy. Restriction and strict licensing policy of the government creates barriers for foreign traders to enter in a country. Every rule, regulation and law of the government impacts on the cost and operational activities of business. Import and export policies, infrastructure of government have significant impact on international business. Changes in governmental policies, rules & regulations, and economic & financial instability condition create risks for foreign trade that influences the international trade.

Our management assignment help experts say that economic integration is an agreement between two nations for elimination or restriction of trade barriers and the coordination of economic activities. Generally, there are four different level of integration impact on international marketing; these are a free trade area, a customs union, a common market and an economic union. The free trade area is the least restrictive and liberalized form of economic integration that eliminates barriers in trade countries. In a custom union area, members remove barriers on traded goods and services and establish a common trade policy with respect to non-member nations. Common market is a group of countries that agrees to remove all barriers in trade among members. Under an economic union, members agree on monetary policies, taxation, government spending and use a common currency. Various level of integration enhances the effectiveness of international marketing by facilitating a wider market.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Industrial Law Assignment Help

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In this law assignment help post, you will get the answer of this question: Do laws interfere with or complement an employer's goal of using pay plans to recruit, motivate and retain employees.

Business Law Assignment Help | Industrial Law Assignment Help


Impact of Laws on an Employer's Goal
The laws complement an employer's goal of using pay plans to recruit, motivate and retain employees. These laws play an important role in the human resource management of the company. Through the use of well designed wage and compensation plans as per the employment laws, employers can increase the productivity of the company by recruiting, motivating and retaining talented pool of human resource. The pay plan according to established laws helps an employer to include attractive benefits packages that can be proved as a powerful recruiting tool to hire and keep talented employees. It is because each employee wants to get equal opportunity to get progress within the organization.

 These laws provide opportunities for the candidates after recruitment by avoiding discriminatory issues in compensation plan. These lawful applications in pay plan attract skillful candidates to be recruited in the company. In addition, the employment laws favor the payment of a particular amount to the employees for their works and services. This makes the employees happier and more satisfied towards their companies. These laws include well designed pay programs that address the needs of employees effectively.

Laws support the fairness of company’s policies in respect to human resource management that have a positive impact on employees’ commitments. It is because it indicates good faith efforts by the company toward meeting goals and ensures a workplace that is free of discrimination and harassment. They believe in values of the company due to equality and get motivated to work in welfare of the company. Apart from this, employment laws also help the employers to retain talented employees within the organization. Inclusion of these laws in pay plan of the company provide positive working environment that helps in executing an effective recruitment and retention strategy.

With the help of this, employers are able to boost employee retention because these laws provide effective compensation benefits for satisfaction of the employees. Retention of the employees is related to improvement in satisfaction of current employees by providing development opportunities and incentives such as retention bonuses and compensation. These laws give immense opportunities for the employees to achieve growth through effective pay plan implemented by the employers. Therefore, equal prospects for the employees to get wages and benefits make satisfy the most talented employees and encourage them to carry on with the company.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Global Marketplace Assignment help

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In this assignment help you will get the answer of the following question..

What are at least three global organizations that could provide noneconomic support and advice for an organization looking for opportunities in the global marketplace? What criteria would the applicant have to meet to qualify for support from these nonfinancial organizations? How do these organizations serve to promote and enhance global opportunities for businesses, such as technical support and consulting services?

Three Global Organizations

 There are various global business organizations that provide support for business opportunities. Out of these, FSG, Ritchi Tye Consulting and The Bridgespan group are the three global firms that could offer non-economic support for global marketplace business opportunities. FSG is Foundation Strategy Group that was founded in 2000 and become a popular non-profit consulting organization. Ritchi Tye Consulting is a New York based firm that deals with both profit and non-profit firms (Nonprofit Consulting/Philanthropic Advising Firms). The Bridgespan group is another non-profit consulting firm that was established in 2000.


 There are several criteria that applicant has to meet to avail support from the global business organizations. These are as follow:

 Proper Business Backup: Proper business backup like, business plan, goals and objectives, strategies, budget, contingency etc should be also documented by the applicant before applying for business support.

Educational Qualifications: Educational qualifications for required business should be also possessed by the applicant to avail the non economic business support from FSG, Ritchi Tye Consulting and The Bridgespan group.

Resources: Required resources should be possessed by the applicant to qualify for the support from the non financial organizations.

Services of Organizations
 FSG:  FSG offers consulting services in research, strategy, evaluation etc to the firms to improve social development. The company has engaged in 400 worldwide consulting services.

 Ritchi Tye Consulting: This firm offers customized consulting services to both profit as well as non-profit firms to improve their leadership and development in different areas.

 The Bridgespan group: The Bridgespan Group offers consulting services to ensure social changes in the world. Along with consulting services, it also provides knowledge sharing services to firms at wide level. It also offers technical services to ensure sustainable development of its clients to bring social change effectively (Nonprofit Consulting/Philanthropic Advising Firms).

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

McDonald’s Strategy Management Assignment help

Today in this assignment help we research McDonald’s company and describe the strategic management process that the company uses.

McDonald’s Strategy Management Assignment help

McDonald’s is one of the biggest fast food restaurants all over the world. The success of the company is

For the implementation of strategy effectively, McDonald’s develop a strategic committees, in which different roles are given to different people to make maximum utilization of resources. It is based on the different components of strategic management process.

mainly dependent on the strategic management process of the firm. McDonald’s has developed its vision and mission to offer a quality, healthy and hygienic food to the customers on affordable prices. Company has developed its objectives according to the vision to be a leader in fast food industry and offer variety of hamburgers to the consumers. This objective of the firm is based on the vision and mission. In this concern, company has implemented different strategies by sacking the internal and external environment. For instance, it uses quality analysis process to ensure the high quality of raw material and offers rich quality of green vegetable in its burgers. Company also follows the guidelines given by food and drug control authorities.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Target Market Assignment Help

Marketing Assignment Help  | Target Market Assignment Help

 in this target market assignment help, we Create an Internet Marketing Plan for your event or to market yourself as an event planner. in this post you get idea of target market.

    What is your target market?
    How much are you willing to spend on advertising for your event?

In order to promote the event, companies should focus towards the school students and youth. Young generation will easily get attracted towards the events and other functions. Successful events will reach towards the right target audience and also capture the large part of customers. Target audience will decide what type of people will fit to the profile they were trying to attract. Young generation are very much attracted towards the events. On the other hand, aged people are not much interested in focusing towards the events within the company. Selecting the appropriate target market, will be helpful in making the effective customer relationship and build the customer loyalty.

It has been identified that event planner has to conduct the market research in order select the appropriate 
target market. Through the target market, company can be able to make appropriate strategies and policies. Moreover, company can also provide the efficient services to the customers. Different companies can target the audience according to their strategies and policies. In addition to this, selecting the target audience will be helpful in providing better services to the customers. Target audience is the specific group of people at which the product or marketing message should be give to that audience. Event Company has to focus towards the target audience on the basis of age group, gender, marital status etc. In this company, event planner has to focus towards the age group and select the appropriate target market.

At the same time, event planner also has to take decision for making budget for the advertising of the event. It has been identified that, promoting the event at the small place will need the promotion through the offline methods such as television, newspaper etc. Using the internet within the small target market will increase the overall cost of the company. At the same time, big companies should use the online methods for doing the advertising of its events and other functions, online methods will be helpful in capturing the large part of market and also attract the customers. It has been identified that companies should adopt the advertising methods according to its size and its budget. Sometimes, small amount will be beneficial for the companies in attracting the customers. Moreover, companies should use the innovative advertising method will be helpful in attracting the customers with limited cost.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

USA Today Assignment Help

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What are the SWOT implications for USA Today as it looks toward its future? What strengths and opportunities can USA Today leverage as it looks for a competitive advantage in the distribution of news and information?

USA today Strengths: It is the second leading daily newspaper in the US. Its circulation has grown

Weaknesses: USA Today and its delivery are highly affected by the economic crisis. As well, it is also a fact that most of the people think it is a cheap journalism whereas; the company has invested a lot in improving the content quality.

 Opportunities: USA Today can also diversify as done by Washington post through its subsidiary Kaplan, which offers mentoring and educational services. Another underlying opportunity is to legitimize full event calendar listings that have been not adopted yet. Using the phonebook model, it can list about events without no cost, and event promoters if want can pay extra for icons, highlight, or extra text.

 Threats: Readers viewing content online is hurting its massive print ad revenue. Youths are usually not interested in reading newspaper as they instead select to visit social networking sites and get news from blogs. Emergence of online advertising competitor like Google is also a threat die to the evolution of new technologies. Environmental movement and recycling culture is also a threat as it discourages readers about newsprint editions.

Based on USA Today’s experiences with print and online news, evaluate the long-term potential of printed news and the newspaper publishing industry. Do you believe printed newspapers will continue to survive despite digital  competition?

I think that the trend is changing now as it is moving towards digital and use of print is decreasing due to its elevated costs and the increasing environmental concerns. Although, printed newspaper will continue to survive despite digital competition but, it is better to shift the focus on the digital division. Evolution of digital world, is forcing almost all firms to use advance technologies. It is also possible that print will not exist forever but concentrating profoundly on digital is also risky so there is a need of attaining balance for USA Today. Till now, as print is the most significant profit maker, USA Today should look for the new means to adding value to print. As well, there is also an opportunity to develop for niche markets like customized magazines that could be created by readers themselves by choosing the type of content they want. Reverse publishing online content could also be used. Every industry faces tough times and changes are inevitable. Therefore, USA Today should try to diversify in another business to attain profits as done by the Washington post. Till now, USA Today has entered in a few associated businesses except journalism, but still there is a need for them to think beyond their comfort zone, We provide the management assignment help, finance assignment help, accounting assignment help and economics assignment help.

significantly. Its success relies on its innovative format that includes shorter writing pieces, use of colorful photos, chart and graphs, realistic columns as well at-a-glance boxes. It directly and regularly communicates with its readers, which help it in delivering more timely news in comparison to other papers. It also has hot line numbers that provide readers with a facility to call expert and have information on college admissions, financial planning, minority business development, taxes and various other subjects. USA Today also offers an online version, that is a leading internet site for latest news and information. It also offers USA Today International available in over ninety countries. It is effectively distributed via retail & grocery store chains, in airlines, hotel, bookstores etc. All these strengths of it could be leveraged more to attain additional competitive advantage in future.

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Market Entry Strategy Assignment Help

In this assignment help post, you get the answer of the following question

Identify the three common entry strategies. Which one has the most appeal to you and why? Is there one entry strategy that you believe has more risk than another? Why?

Following are three common entry strategies:

Foreign Direct Investment: Foreign direct investment entry strategy is aimed to transfer entire firm to target market through which the firm can take advantage of that market. 

Market Entry Strategy Assignment Help
Franchising: In this form of entry strategy, a firm license business system and other rights to business entity or person. Under this, trade name and procedures of franchiser are followed by the franchise. In return of this, the franchisee provides fees, royalty and compensation to the franchiser. In this entry strategy, political risk is low and expansion into foreign market is rapid.

Licensing: It is a contractual agreement, in which the licenser provides patents, trademarks, company name, secrets etc to the licensee. In return of this, the licensee provides fees to the licenser. It is easy entry mode that needs little capital.

Out of these three entry strategies, foreign direct investment most appeal to me, as it has several advantages over exporting and licensing strategies. First, there is lower cost from local production in terms of transportation and custom duties. Second, marketing advantage in the form of easier adaptation to local preferences, low manufacturing costs due to inexpensive labor, raw material etc at local level.

Risk in Entry Strategy

 Out of all available entry strategies, licensing strategy of entry is more risky as compared to foreign direct investment and franchising strategies. It is so, as in licensing, there is lack of control of the licenser on marketing plan and processes operated by the licensee in the foreign market. In addition, the licensee may become the competitor of licenser in the foreign market in future. The licenser does not have choice to go for other entry modes, until the licensing agreement expires. Furthermore, as compared to foreign direct investment, the licensing income can be also small.

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