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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Organization Culture Assignment Help on Organizational leaders

Get assignment help on how do your organization's leaders impact your organization's culture? How does the leadership of your organization achieve organizational goals?  

Impact of Organization's Leaders on Organization's Culture

Organizational leaders have a great impact on the organizational culture. They determine level of effectiveness of every individual, group and organization. Leaders affect effectiveness by providing workshop for learning, changing and growing the organization. Through strengthening thinking and behavioral styles, leaders encourage effectiveness and moderate styles (Marsick & Watkins, 2003). All organizational culture changes need leadership to implement these changes in the organization. These changes are drive by co-creation of leaders. Earlier, traditional command and control are used to implement any change in the organization. In contrast, leaders decide inflexible requirements and lead the subordinate through fear for change implementation.

At the same time our assignment help experts stated that, leaders are important resource of the organization that deals with an articulated vision and processing the skills. In addition, processing of skills can be resolved by recruitment and development of their subordinate and followers. These followers are dedicated to accomplish the vision. Leaders are capable to maintain a balance between upper-level plans and front-line policies. In the learning organizations, employees can improve their performance, if the leader uses transformational leadership (Teegarden, Hinden & Sturm, 2010). It is because; organizational leaders identify relationship between learning and performance of the organization. Leaders use different cultural traits and strength to improve the organizational performance.

The organizational culture is affected by qualities of the leader. These qualities make able to motivate others and implement the changes successfully. Leaders have an impact on the nature of work environment and organization. It is so, as attitude of organizational members related to change and motivation is affected by leaders (Kavanagh & Ashkanasy, 2006). They are able to change the employees’ behavior that supports perceptions of leaders towards change. Additionally, leaders can easily manage the resources that are feasible to the capability of business. Leaders use several management strategies to manage organizational change such as change management.

Role in Goal Achievement

Leadership is quite important to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. In my organization, leadership inspires the followers to carry out goals of a team as well as manufacturing organization. There are three key ways by which leadership attains the goals that are selling the vision, persuasion the team and team building (Lunenburg & Ornstein, 2011). Leader in our organization sells the vision to his followers by painting a clear picture in their mind. He provides an attractive and relevant goal for a group and then prepares a clear plan to attain the goal. The effective leadership makes a goal with the positive language. For example, our leader believes in adoption of new technology for producing innovative products and finding new market for product development. It is the vision set by our organization for the follower.

In addition, leader in my manufacturing organization persuades the team to achieve success and attain goal. He convinces followers by using several effective persuasion strategies. An effective persuasion strategy is used by our leader through recognition of members’ needs and to learn how followers can work collectively to accomplish goal (Bligh, Pearce & Kohles, 2006). Organizational goal are accomplished by power, dependence, and effective management. Team building also contributes in achievement of goal that is made by leadership. Our leader develops skilled and experienced employees in my team through team building exercises and activities. On the other hand, leadership is quite significant to achieve organizational goal due to use of staff training. Staff training is an effective way by which skills and knowledge of the employees related to the work are improved in our organization. The increment in the skills and knowledge is quite significant to produce quality and innovative products. Thus, leader of our manufacturing company achieves the goals and enhance efficiency of the organization by using all these ways.


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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Performance Management and Compensation Assignment Help

Get assignment help on Performance Management and Compensation and Critical Factors for Successful Implementation by 100% original business assignment help.
Performance Management and Compensation

 There is a strong relationship between performance management and compensation because of important link between performance and rewards. Performance management provides key information for compensation planning on the basis of performance assessment outcome. Decisions related to compensation and rewards are likely to be logical in the presence of performance management system within the organization. Performance management and compensation both are important functions of human resource management that are used to improve motivation and productivity of the employees .

Along with this our assignment help experts says that, compensation decisions are mainly based on the outcomes of performance appraisal process that is also a part of performance management system. Both are important elements of performance based pay system that is used by the modern firms to motivate their workforce for better performance with higher productivity. Additionally, the presence of sound performance management system within the organization rewards better performers with increased compensation and promotions. It indicates that how performance management and compensation are closely related due to dependence of compensation decisions on the outcomes of performance management proces.  

Critical Factors for Successful Implementation

There are various factors that must be considered by the management when implement performance management system within the organization to ensure success and effectiveness. Some of them are as follow: 

Enthusiasm and Commitment: Enthusiasm and commitment of top leadership in terms of active support is one of the most important factors for the successful implementation of performance management within an organization. Before implementation, it is important to consider that top management is actively committed towards the successful implementation of performance management or not.

Skilled Staff: Knowledge and skills level of existing staff is also critical for the successful implementation and sustainability of performance management within an organization. So, it is important for the firm to consider that the selected staff for execution process has required skills, knowledge and experience or not.

Flexibility and Simplicity: It is also essential to consider that the proposed performance management system has the flexibility to adopt changes or not. Along with this, the successful execution also requires that performance management process should be clear and simple.

Strategic Alignment with Other Management Systems: During the implementation, it is also important to consider that performance management process is linked or aligned with organizational strategies, internal support system, reward structure, organizational culture and policies.

Along with these factors, there are some other factors such as organizational culture, training and learning programs, change management process, audit data sources, and clearly defining organization direction etc. that are crucial for the successful execution of performance management system within the organization. 

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Information Silos and ERP Assignment Help

Relationship between information silos and enterprise resource planning by
Information silos are the independent functional areas of information system that do not communicate to one another. ERP is used to eliminate Information silos exist in the information system due to loss control over the functional areas. ERP and information silos are the part of information system. Enterprise resource planning integrates the functional areas to ensure proper communication from one part to another part. In other words, if any change occurs in one functional area, it is immediately reflected upon other functional areas by ERP use. So, to handle the integration issues generated by information silos, enterprise resource planning is used by firms. Hence, information silos are the problem and ERP can be defined as the solution of information silos.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ethical Boundaries Assignment Help for stakeholder

Get Ethical Boundaries Assignment Help for stakeholder....Enron is a good example by business assignment help  experts. Get Assignment Help Now.

Overstepping Ethical Boundaries for Stakeholder Agendas

As per assignment help experts, Enron is a good example of a company overstepping ethical boundaries for stakeholder’s agendas.  Enron Corporation is an American energy, commodities, and Services Company based in Houston, Texas. Enron Company.  In Houston, a conference was held by the company for the Wall Street investors and analysts. In this conference, different financial experts were gathered those are related from the natural gas and power industries. The main focus of this conference was to identify Enron’s capabilities for its rapidly growing business of numerous commodities such as electricity, and network bandwidth.

In this conference, Jeffery Skilling the president of Enron Corporation stated that the money losing for this broadband network business is worth of $29 billion or the $37 per share. He also stated that the reason of bankruptcy is to hidden the unethical practices or extra ordinary events that are driven by the behind the scenes deals. These deals were also hidden by questionable accounting that created negative impact on organization. In this way, the company is not fulfilling the ethical boundaries for the stakeholder’s agendas. In order to avoid these types of situation in the organization, the company could develop and implement ethical standards, rules and regulation effectively. By implementing ethical policies in the organization, the company could reduce the chances overstepping ethical boundaries for stakeholder agendas effectively. On the other hand, the business organization could also review the ethical rules time to time.

In addition, the business firm could also develop effective criteria for different accounting standards in an effective manner. Along with this, it should also be noted down that the company could also implement different strategic policies and guidelines to overstepping ethical boundaries for stakeholder agendas. In addition, the company could build separate policies, rules and regulations effectively for the long term purpose. Apart from this, the company could also develop criteria for periodical review. Additionally, the business organizations could also identify the separate standards in order to avoid overstepping ethical boundaries for stakeholder agendas. Hence, it is analyzed that by developing and implementing effective ethical standards and guidelines, the company could avoid such type of issues.

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Managerial Issues Assignment Help

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we provide the Managerial Issues Assignment Help of the following assignment :

  •     Information related to configuration management and preventative maintenance
  •     Industry standards in configuration management and control
  •     Training approaches to allow for adaptive maintenance and confidence.
  •     The effect of globalization on managing and IS infrastructure

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In 21st century, the infrastructure of the business firms has been changed, as information technology has become core resource of the firm. With the assistance of proper information system infrastructure, the management of the firm develops effective strategies and evaluates the market environment, which is essential for long term services (Gupta & Sharma, 2004). This paper is based on the discussion of different managerial issues related to configuration management and preventative maintenance. In addition, industry standards in configuration management and control also discusses in this paper along with the training approaches in information system infrastructure. At last, effect of globalization on managing and IS infrastructure also describes.

Information Related to Configuration Management and Preventative Maintenance
In order to implement the information system infrastructure, several issues are faced by the management those are related to configuration management and preventative maintenance. Configuration management facilitates the management to execute process and policies to evaluate the performance of information system infrastructure. The basic issues associated with the configuration management are maintaining information, required IT services, involvement of relationship between different processes and traceability of different aspects that needs change (Burgess, McKee & Kidd, 2005). Due to highly changing environment, it has become critical for the IT managers to concentrates on a single method of information, it needs regular updates and modification, which create problem for the managers to maintain stability in the infrastructure (Contini & Cordella, 2007).

In addition, preventative maintenance allows the management to analyze the reliability of the information system infrastructure of the firm. It increases the dependency of the firm on the established data center system to manage the flow of different information. It is also essential to decrease the level of unit failure (Burgess, 2003). Due to rapid changes in the technology, it has become difficult for the managers to rely on a single preventive maintenance system. Manager should focus on efficiency of preventive maintenance to maximize the ability of the system to record and secure data.

 Industry Standards in Configuration Management and Control

For the effective execution configuration management and control process, it is also imperative for the business organization to follow some industry standard. According to international standard organization (ISO 10007), in configuration management should be based on the tracking of documents for the future security of data and information (Burgess, McKee & Kidd, 2005).  In addition to this, United States military department has implemented Military standard 973, which require configuration identification, control and audit. It also needs all documents to identify that, which people are authorized to assess the specific data and information (Wilhite, 2012).

Another stands is IEEE 828, in order to control configuration management, essential standard is the implement of software code change. According to this standard, it is imperat9ive to outline the configuration management and control plan and this standard software code change program should not be applicable on all mechanism assemblies (Wilhite, 2012; Hurst, 2007). All the standards are different from each other but the main purpose of these standards is to contain detail information, documents and records to verify the different parties who are using information. All these record are essential to maintain accountability and reliability of data and to ensure that modification in the software and hardware are done under specific guidelines and instructions (Wilhite, 2012)

Training Approaches to Allow For Adaptive Maintenance and Confidence

The process of adaptive maintenance and confidence require deep thinking and technical knowledge to ensure effective management of information infrastructure and technology development. As the benefits offered by adaptive maintenance are associated with the multiple domains, thus the training approach should be based on the development of technical skills and expertness. In this system, a systematic approach should be used for training, which comprises, on the job training, off the job training as well as coaching and mentoring (Tansey, 2008).

Firstly, off-the job training process should be conducts, so that candidates can learn about the importance of adaptive maintenance and confidence. Rather than this, on the job training approach will be beneficial to develop the skills of the candidate to face real and practice situations and strengthen their multiple skills to manage technical problems. Under the process of coaching and mentoring they will learn about the required standard importance of security and how to maintain security level and prevention of data leakage (Harris, 2007). This is also beneficial to generate high level of integrity and effectiveness to develop security codes.

The Effect of Globalization on Managing IS Infrastructure

Globalization and information system infrastructures are directly proportional to each other, which facilitates the development of whole world. Due to globalization, process of information flow has been increased and the world has become digital from traditional, as all the people are using technology devices to communicate and manage information and important data (Gupta & Sharma, 2004). As globalization has left a positive effect on information system infrastructure, it has some adverse impact also. For instance, digital flow of information has increased the level of crime and security concerns. In addition, it has also impacted business environment, as all the companies want to become international to earn high profits. Pressure on industries and companies has also increased due to regular changes in the requirement of customers and improvement in their knowledge of information system. Due to information system, global people have availability of more substitutes, which increases competition in the business (Contini & Cordella, 2007).

Dependency of corporate and social people has increased on information system infrastructure and a single failure of IS infrastructure effects the daily routine of consumers. Threat of data disclosing and manipulation of information has been reduced but threat of information stealing is continuously increasing. Apart from this, complexities in the security mechanics also create problems for the common people to manage information at broad level (Harris, 2007).


According to the above explanation by our assignment help experts of configuration management and preventative maintenance, it can be said that information system infrastructure is quite complicated process in which configuration of information and management of information is importance to manage the flow and ensure success of information unit. Different standard has been executed by industries to ensure the successful implement of information system and protect data and document. A systematic approach of both off the job and on the job training should be used for adaptive maintenance and confidence.


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Wilhite, T. (2012). Industry Standards for Configuration Management and Change Management. Retrieved from

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Marketing Communications Assignment Help

Now get Viral Marketing and Conventional Marketing Communications Assignment Help from marketing assignment help experts of

Communication Process for Viral Marketing      

Viral marketing is the strategy in order to get consumers to share the marketer’s message through e-mails and online video. It is the marketing strategy that is focused towards spreading awareness about the particular products and services within the market. It has been analyzed that important information about product and services is circulated through viral marketing. Viral marketing works similar to the virus. It also communicates the message quickly into the market. With the help of viral marketing, marketers can be able to communicate the good words about the products and services. Viral marketing communicate the messages in two ways such as spontaneous communication and planned communication. We provide the quality marketing assignment help services.

Spontaneous communication is the strategy which is mainly focused towards provision of product and services by the company. This strategy believes that when the consumers are satisfied with the product and services then they would provide feedback in form of repeating the purchases. as per marketing assignment help experts, In case of planned communication, a program is set up by the company in order to generate awareness among public about the offer of product and services. For example, launching of Hotmail was very successful due to the effective viral marketing.

Difference in Viral Marketing and Conventional Marketing

Both viral marketing and conventional marketing is focused towards attracting the large part of customers to buy product and services. It has been analyzed that viral marketing is uncontrollable whereas conventional marketing is uncontrollable. Conventional marketing set the targets before doing the marketing of products and it will surely deliver the results. On the other hand, viral marketing campaigns are totally based on the others and distribute the message through social media. It does not set any targets before doing the campaigns. Another difference between viral marketing and conventional marketing is viral marketing majorly depends on social sharing whereas conventional marketing is dependent on delivering the message to target audience.

It has been analyzed that conventional marketing find out where the target audience is and make sure that advertisement should be done in those areas. On the other hand, viral marketing is done randomly and do target any market in order to capture the customers. Therefore, it has been analyzed that marketing company has to use both type of marketing strategy in order to address the large part of customers. In today’s competitive market environment, both strategies play an important role for all the companies.

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