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Communication Process for Viral Marketing      

Viral marketing is the strategy in order to get consumers to share the marketer’s message through e-mails and online video. It is the marketing strategy that is focused towards spreading awareness about the particular products and services within the market. It has been analyzed that important information about product and services is circulated through viral marketing. Viral marketing works similar to the virus. It also communicates the message quickly into the market. With the help of viral marketing, marketers can be able to communicate the good words about the products and services. Viral marketing communicate the messages in two ways such as spontaneous communication and planned communication. We provide the quality marketing assignment help services.

Spontaneous communication is the strategy which is mainly focused towards provision of product and services by the company. This strategy believes that when the consumers are satisfied with the product and services then they would provide feedback in form of repeating the purchases. as per marketing assignment help experts, In case of planned communication, a program is set up by the company in order to generate awareness among public about the offer of product and services. For example, launching of Hotmail was very successful due to the effective viral marketing.

Difference in Viral Marketing and Conventional Marketing

Both viral marketing and conventional marketing is focused towards attracting the large part of customers to buy product and services. It has been analyzed that viral marketing is uncontrollable whereas conventional marketing is uncontrollable. Conventional marketing set the targets before doing the marketing of products and it will surely deliver the results. On the other hand, viral marketing campaigns are totally based on the others and distribute the message through social media. It does not set any targets before doing the campaigns. Another difference between viral marketing and conventional marketing is viral marketing majorly depends on social sharing whereas conventional marketing is dependent on delivering the message to target audience.

It has been analyzed that conventional marketing find out where the target audience is and make sure that advertisement should be done in those areas. On the other hand, viral marketing is done randomly and do target any market in order to capture the customers. Therefore, it has been analyzed that marketing company has to use both type of marketing strategy in order to address the large part of customers. In today’s competitive market environment, both strategies play an important role for all the companies.

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