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Leadership versus Management Assignment Help

Leadership versus Management Assignment Help on concepts of leadership and management and similarities and differences between them from assignmenthelpexperts.com

Concepts of Leadership and Management 

According to assignment help experts, No, the concept of leadership and management are not the same. Leadership works on leading people concept, while management works on managing the people concept. The concept of leadership is doing right things, while in management, doing things right concept is followed by the managers. Administering things is followed in management, while in leadership, innovation concept is followed.

Leadership versus Management Assignment Help Similarities

Following are similarities between leadership and management assignment help

Skills: Skills applied by leadership and management are similar. It is so, as they think beyond the limits for the welfare of their organizations. Both leaders and managers have political skills to address the challenges of conflicting situations.

Emphasis: Emphasis put by leadership and management is also similar. In other words, both leaders and managers put emphasis on intangibles of vision, motivation and values.

Goals: Goals of leaders and managers are also similar. It means, for both leadership and management, it is vital to achieve organizational goals with available resources. 

Thinking: Thinking level of leaders and managers is also same, as they both focus over renewal.

Leadership versus Management Assignment Help Differences

Following are differences between leadership and management

Job: The job of leader is to motivate and inspire the people. In contrast to this, manager’s job is to plan, organize and control the people.

Perspectives: Leader focuses over long range perspective, while the manager focuses over short term perspective..

Focus: Focus of the leader is on people. On the other hand, manager’s focus is on systems and structures. The focus of management is on analyzing the results. Contrasting to this, in leadership, the leaders focus over empowering groups to make them stronger for goal achievement.

Approach: Approach used by leaders and managers is also different. Leaders approach people by trusting them, while managers approach people by controlling them.

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