Thursday, October 29, 2015

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What training and development programs help companies the most in a struggling economy? Give an example of how the training will help

Training and development programs support the business organizations to survive in the struggling economy and to compete with the rivals. Presently, several training and development programs are available but to survive in struggling economy, best training and development programs are to develop workshops. In these workshops, business firm can use combination of two or more training and development programs such as behavior development training, class room training and technical training. These workshops are a kind of class room off-job training programs.

With the help of these training programs, it would be easy for the employees to improve their behaviors and responds in a positive manner towards critical and emerging situations and economic downturn. In addition, these workshops also improves leadership skills, strengthen managing and supervising abilities, increase accountability of employees towards their performance and develop skills to bring innovation in the working practices and strategies. This way company would also able to identify the less effective and employees with poor skills, which help the firm in cost cutting to manage economic balance.

For instance, Coca Cola has implemented several training and development programs in its workshops to improve communication skills, strengthen employee’s engagement with the firm, developing their skills to offer high class customer services, manage diversity and most important utilize all the available resources in an effective way to manage the situation of struggling economy.

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