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Imagine that you work for an organization that is considering expanding to a new country. The CEO has decided it is critical to have some leadership presence from the home office, at least for the next year, in order for this expansion to be successful. You are tasked with creating a presentation that identifies the potential positive and negative outcomes of this endeavor.

Research the following questions below. Based on these questions, create a presentation about this expansion that you would give to the CEO.

Briefly discuss an example you have identified from your own research in which an organization relocates an employee(s) to another country to live and work.

What are some of the challenges and positive outcomes an organization might expect when an employee relocates to another country to live and work?

What tools might an HR professional provide to the employee to help her or him succeed in global mobility?

Our assignment help Australia say that in the world, most of the international companies or organizations relocate their employees in other countries to complete a particular job or assignment in effective way. In the research, it is identified that PepsiCo, relocate several management levels employees to other nations in order to manage country’s work in significant manner. Company relocates employees from home country to another country with their families that help employees to live and work in the other country. Most of the time company relocates employees that have the knowledge and understanding about the culture of that particular country. It provides several benefits to the company to manage work effective in that particular country.

Challenges and Positive Outcomes
There are several challenges that a firm can face by relocating its employees to another country. One of the major challenges faced by the organization is culture. Different countries have different culture that can impact on the capabilities of employees as well as organization to manage work effectively in the other country. There are also some HR related challenges that might be faced by the company through relocation of employee.We Provides the management assignment help, finance assignment help, accounting assignment help, business assignment help and case study assignment help.

By relocating employees in other countries, organization can also get positive outcomes related to the management of work, understanding of work culture, improvement in personal skills and knowledge, etc. It will also be helpful for organizations to maintain competitive advantages in the other country. The positive outcomes might also be related to the development of opportunities to enter in the new markets in the country. Through this, company can also achieve more profits from the international market.

Tools for Success in International Market

According to assignment help experts in order to help employees to get success in global mobility, HR professional can provide different tools such as training of culture and language. It can be helpful for the employee to develop their skills in order to make effective management of work and to coordinate with local people effectively. HR professionals can also provide accommodation to the employees in other countries in order to make feel them like home country. It can also be helpful for the organization to improve the productivity and efficiency of employees in effective way. These professional HR tools will also support company to manage work and other employees in the country.

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