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Business Process Development & Management Assignment Help

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Business process development & management assignment help

Business process management is an approach that focuses towards aligning the strategies and policies of organization with the needs and wants of customers. This approach is also focused towards promoting business efficiency and effectiveness. In order to identify the importance of business process management, Wal-Mart has been taken. This paper discusses about the various benefits and challenges that Wal-Mart can face by using business process management model of Walt-Mart. In addition to this, organization strategy phase of BPM model is also analyzed in this paper.

Benefits of BPM ( Business process management assignment help)

 in this online business development assignment help, Business Process Management is a technique to reduce the gap between the optimal process and the capabilities of enterprise for improving business processes. Wal-Mart applied business process management model that includes several elegant tactics with precision execution. It provided its inventory data in order to identify specific products and discounted prices. It reduced its inventory that helped to reduce costs by 6%. The company adopted a logistics technique known as cross docking. Through using this technique, products are routed from suppliers to warehouses of Wal-Mart . After this; it takes very less time to ship the products from inventory to stores. This strategy played an important role in reduction of cost significantly. It helped to use this saving on company’s customers with highly competitive pricing.

Company adopted effective pricing strategy that focuses on discount for the customers, who are facing financial problems due to adverse economic conditions. This pricing structure helped the company to offer low everyday pricing. This new business model helped the company to attract more new customers and produce more profits. Wal-Mart concentrated on developing an advanced supply chain to cover wide area of distribution for providing goods at right time on demand by customers. Company enforced its suppliers to use RFID that enabled it to identify and track items in the supply chain automatically.

This online business development assignment help model provided the company with several sustainable competitive advantages in market place . It benefited the company in terms of lower cost, reduced inventory carrying cost, improved in-store variety and highly competitive pricing for the customers. Wal-Mart also focused on its technology to implement innovative processes and systems for improving its supply chain and obtaining greater efficiency. It helped the company to improve process quality and customer satisfaction.

Our assignment writing experts says that business process management model of Walt-Mart assisted the company to stay competitive and reduce the time elapsed and needed resources in a business process that increased the productivity per person of the company. It enabled the company to improve coordination across its departments and geographic locations. Through business process management model of Walt-Mart, Wal-Mart ensures that business and process should be aligned in such a way that provides maximum benefits to the organization. Through BPM model, Wal-Mart visualizes its activities within the organization. In addition to this, it also focuses towards business to business transactions. With the help of BPM model, company analyzes the different process flows and its relationship with business-to-business transactions

Through, BPM model Wal-Mart can be able to reduce the cost and adds customer value which in turn leads to increase in profits. BPM model enables the organization to cope with the environmental changes related to customers, technology, globalization and government rules and regulations. Wal-Mart has decided to invest in business models, organizational practices and corporate cultures. Due to its several benefits, Wal-Mart has to make investments in these areas. It has been analyzed that, without BPM model, Wal-Mart cannot be able to improve its business process. Thus, it is analyzed that BPM model adopted by Wal-Mart provides several benefits to the business.

Apart from benefits, Wal-Mart faces various challenges while implementing the Business Process Model. It is analyzed that BPM models are extremely complex which requires excellent skills of employees. Due to the growing trends towards business process management, Wal-Mart has to integrate different business models. Organization has to provide BPM coach to the internal business project managers and BPM managers. Wal-Mart has made partnership with Stork Craft in Canada. Wal-Mart has faced some challenges in Canada. Customers are not able to purchase anything with site of Wal-Mart in Canada.

By the research from, organization has to face different challenges in Canada; BPM model in Canada was not successful in providing benefits to the customers. Company has to provide training to the project managers and business managers in order to deal with the main challenges. Understanding and coping with different business models by the employees is the major challenge for Wal-Mart. Efficient utilization of Business Process Management is the major challenge Wal-Mart. Project should also generate awareness of BPM in Wal-Mart. Company should also ensure that it provide sufficient support and commitment to organizational goals.

Our online business development assignment help experts says that Wal-Mart should also consume less time in generating awareness for the BPM model. It is the challenge for Wal-Mart, to judge the managers efforts through project objectives. For this, organization should provide proper training to managers so that they are able to achieve the project objectives efficiently. It is also a challenge for Wal-Mart to generate synergy in the process improvement. Through this, company can be able to increase exposure of BPM throughout the organization. Another challenge that company faces in BPM model is developing effective communication system. Organization has to overcome these challenges in order to provide make effective use of BPM model.

Due to inefficiency in BPM model, organization has faced challenge of high electricity cost. Organization should focus towards the renewable energy which helps in overcoming the challenge of electricity cost. Main aim of Wal-Mart is to provide save people money in order to give better life. Thus, company can be able to earn profit only by reducing the cost of electricity. Wal-Mart has also analyzed that today’s business environment not only focus towards the profit potential. People now focus towards the effect of company on environment and social welfare. It is analyzed that Wal-Mart has a problem of resistance to change by the employees while implementing the BPM model.

Organization has to convince the employees about the advantages of BPM. Integration of organization goals along with individual goals is also a challenge for the company. Therefore, it is analyzed that Wal-Mart also has to generate awareness among the employees regarding BPM. Company should also focus towards adopting new technologies for the making the business process management more effective. Company should also able to manage the various processes effectively. BPM helps in managing various business processes within the organization. Thus, it is analyzed that company faced various challenges while implementing the BPM.

Business process management model of Walt-Mart model is useful for the organization in order to develop and improve various processes within the organization structure. Business process management builds effectiveness and efficiency in the overall activities of the organization. Wal-Mart has used the business process management in order to achieve the goals and objectives efficiently. Moreover, it is also analyzed that by implementing the BPM model organizations can attain various benefits. Through BPM, organization can be able to reduce the inventory and cost of products. Further, it will be helpful for the company to attain its mission and vision statement. Apart from benefits, Wal-Mart has also faced challenges such as requirement of excellent skilled workforce, training and development etc. due to the implementation of BPM model.We offers the best and original assignment writing help services in all academic topics of business assignment help.

This organization strategy phase is focused towards ensuring that project team members within the organization are aware about the strategies, goals, vision and mission. Team members should be cleared that strategy is the process of engaging the people into external and internal environment in order to bring innovations for the achievement of organizational goals. This phase is also helpful in understanding the overall  organizational culture. In case of Wal-Mart, mission of the company is to save people money so that they can live better life. In this phase, Wal-Mart communicate the mission to every member in the organization. In order to achieve the mission, Wal-Mart is focused towards utilizing the resources in such a way that employees will produce good quality of products at lower prices. At the same time, company has also adopted the balanced scorecard method in order to measure the overall performance of all the strategies, policies, employees etc. 

From the above discussion of business process development & management assignment help, it is analyzed that the main purpose of organization strategy phase is to maintain clarity about the organizational goals, strategies, mission and vision. This phase is very useful in implementing the business process management in the organization. Organization strategy phase is aimed to communicate the strategies and policies to the employees in the organization. Through communicating the strategies to the employees, organization can be able to produce the goods effectively. Moreover, Wal-Mart has build healthy and supportive working environment through the use of BPM model. Innovation and development in different processes can be brought through organization strategy phase. This will also be helpful in brining new paths for the company.

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