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Market Structures and Analysis Assignment Help

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Perfect Competition: In this type of market structure assignment help, there are numerous buyers and sellers. It relates to the homogeneous goods and one organization cannot develop barrier for others to entry. This type of market structure includes organizations that offer agriculture products like corn, wheat, etc.

Monopolistic Competition: This type of market structure also has many sellers and buyers, but it consists with differentiate products.  Such differentiation can be based on physical attributes, image advertisement and associated services. It also does not include any barrier for entry of new competitors and use advertisement to shift the demand. Burger king and McDonald's both are belong to same industry but differ in ingredient, taste and recipe.    

Monopoly: This is the market where one seller or producer sells to many buyers a product or service. It does not include any substitute and thus, the single organization has control on all resources and technology. In this market structure, there are high entry barriers in terms of high capital requirements, economies of scale, etc. It can be both public and private one, earlier Microsoft were monopolistic player in technological terms but now there are many.

Oligopoly: In this, few firms and many buyers work with independent functionality. The two types of varsities are included in it, undifferentiated and differentiated. Undifferentiated includes firms that sell same products like barrel of oil or an ounce of gold. Differentiated refers to the firms that sell same products but include different features like automobile companies that sell cars but with different features.   

Example of Oligopoly

Oligopoly is the structure that can be seen in many cities and industries around the world. Pepsi and Coke are the companies that have been working in oligopolistic market of soft drinks. These two soft drink companies have made such impact on market and customers that there are no other competitors trying to enter in the industry. Till now, there are many soft drink companies are available and trying to grab Pepsi and Cock’s position but there is always a barrier of old and effective image of both in front of all.

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