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Case Study Assignment Help-WorldCom

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 In this case study assignment help we taken the WorldCom company and explained the decision making is a key component of the leading facet of the P-O-L-C framework and decision-making pitfalls might WorldCom’s board have fallen. Now think of what happened at Worldcom in light of what you have learned about communication barriers. Which barriers were most prominent in the downfall of WorldCom

 In this case study assignment help-WorldCom’s board might have fallen leadership decision-making pitfalls.
The success of any decision implementation depends on the leading component of the P-O-L-C framework. Leadership affects decision making, communication and motivational level of individuals and groups. In WorldCom, Ebbers was leader and contributed in decision making of company at large extant. He ignored internal conflicts and economic problems of the firm in decision making. Fraud in financial documents increased to avoid bad economic reality of the firm by Ebbers. 

Due to more acquisitions, company faced the complexity in accounting procedures, customer service and computer systems. However our assignment help says that, employees tried to draw the attention of Ebbers towards initial problems, but he did not focus on those problems. He made decisions on the basis of good information or news and avoided factoring in potential problems during decision making. It developed a culture within the organization to get success at all costs that led to misrepresent financial reports. After his departure, company came to know about financial misrepresentation and dishonesty and false documentation.

The concept of group think is especially relevant to boards because there is a risk of making faulty decisions due to delusion of imperviousness and harmony, collective rationalizations, stereotyped views, self-censorship, etc. These all factors can affect the quality of business decisions that can create problems for the organization. There is need to integrate the group thinking with boards that helps to make right business decisions. It should be ensured that all group members participate in decision making and also share views and perceptions of boards. Inclusion of boards in group thinking can be beneficial to get reactions, which are not biased with views of each other in a group.

Communication Barriers

According to the business assignment help experts, Communication plays an important role in effective decision making of an organization. Due to presence of any communication barrier, an organization can face severe problems regarding business activities that can ruin its brand image in the market. If there is a communication barrier between management and employees then it can influence the decision making negatively. In this concern, an effective leadership plays an important role in removing any communication barrier.

In the case study assignment help-WorldCom, Employees were not interested to provide all information to Ebbers because of his wrong and reluctant behavior towards employees. He was not interested to communicate with his employees through email and other advanced technological means of communication. There was a communication gap between Ebbers and employees that led to wrong decision making within the organization. It is considered that in this case, psychological or attitudinal communication barrier was most prominent in the downfall of WorldCom . This barrier was created due to weak relationship, wrong attitude and unwilling behavior of leader towards his subordinates.

There was no coordination between leader and subordinates of company that created communication gap within the organization. Ebbers also refused the suggestions of other experts in the organization and forced the accounting team to take distasteful actions in order to meet the quarter's numbers for showing sound business position. Apart from this, there was no communication between Ebbers and board that also affected the decision making of company. Due to absence of appropriate communication, company took wrong decisions that caused its downfall in the market. 

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