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Social Media and Environmental Issues Assignment Help

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Political environment issue: any issue that deals with the public, for example social media 

Social media and Political  Environmental Issues Assignment Help

According to the assignment help experts, In the current political environment, social media is the major issue, which deals with the public. The social media is used by the politicians for their image restoration and to make the followers to keep their support in elections. At the same time, it is also used by the public offices to gather the personal information of the public, which is recently exposed in USA. It is creating the privacy issue for the people in community as they are not effective to protect their personal information on social sites. Similarly, the social media is also used by the public for communicating the information promptly. The recent movements in Philippines, Egypt, and Serbia etc are the examples of the movements that take place due to the use of social media. Our assignment writing help services says that, It is also creating the problems for the people in public offices to perform their duties and responsibilities.

The social media assignment help experts writes that social media is the major issue, which is creating the issues related to cyber-stalking and location disclosure, invasive agreements for the privacy, disclosure of the private information to third party without any consent etc, which are affecting the fundamental rights of the people related to their privacy, living etc. Similarly, the political parties are using these social media tools to promote their candidacy with false facts and reports, which is also influencing the decisions of people in community. For example, in the recent US elections, both candidates used social media as the major tool to promote their candidacy and to destroy the image of each other.

The invasive agreements as the social media enable the site owner to use the information of the people without taking their consent, which is creating the political issues as policies are not effective to protect the information of people due to their engagement in the invasive agreements, which gives right to the social media owner to own the information. Thus, the privacy of information of the public on the social media is one of the major political environmental assignment help issues as their information is sold to the political parties and public offices, which reduces the privacy of people in the community. As per the management assignment help team, the political environment is not much effective to protect the information of public on social media as this information is also used by these public offices and the legislation related to this may influence their effectiveness to track the people.

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