Saturday, December 26, 2015

Marketing Trends Assignment Help

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The effects of each trends in marketing assignment help on both consumer and business buying environments are discussed below-
Effect of Consumer Movement

The consumer movement trend created various effects on the consumer buying environment due to implementation of policies and regulations by government agencies for consumer protection. Some of the main effects are as follow:

Due to consumer protection movement, consumer buying environment changed because now consumers have the right of safety, privacy, selection, given feedback, redress and get detail information about products or services.

The self-regulation among ad-agencies also improved after rising of consumer movement trend that helps business firms to avoid misleading information about products in their advertisements. This helps to increase trust of consumers on the information given by marketers in the advertising of products. 

Along with this, due to consumer movement trend in marketing, the rate of consumption is increasing because of rise in buying and spending power of consumers. In this way, government policies and consumer protection acts help to increase selling of quality products and ethical practices in advertising, and develop knowledge of consumers.

Effect of Brand Identity

From last few years, the importance of brand identity is growing rapidly in marketing that has various effects on the consumer and business buying environments. Following are the main consequences of brand identity.
Due to increasing trend of brand identity concept, marketers increased their focus more towards the packaging, logo, color, features and tagline of their products in order to attract customers.

This trend also results to improve awareness about a specific brand among the customers because of its unique attributes, scope, symbol and attractive tagline that marketers use for promotion point of view.

The increasing value of brand identity concept in marketing also results to generate active buyers, motivate sales force, ensure high credibility as well as develop customer loyalty and trust towards a specific brand.

These are some of the main effects of each marketing trend assignment help on consumer purchasing behavior, business and buying environment.

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