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In this assignment help you will get the answer of : What are the major business trends that companies pursuing e-business should embrace?

 Business Trends

 According to management assignment help experts there is various business trends in the companies that are companies pursuing e-business should embrace. The major business trends for companies are management of technology, management of supply chains, the internet, e-commerce, globalization, outsourcing, agility and ethical behavior. All these trends are used by the companies due to advanced technology and global competition in the competitive environment. Companies pursuing e-business should embrace the management of technology due to changing landscape of industry. Some trends are identified related to the customers such as faster service, self-service, more product choice and integrated solutions.

 Management of technology is quite effective business trend that helps the manager to create new opportunities and to set clearer expectation to the organization. Netflix, Fresh Direct and Zara are some great examples that effectively manage the technology for realizing how technology creates business model for taking competitive advantages. In addition, the internet is other business trend in e-business organization that should be embraced by the company. It is because; it is the best way to interact with people and to build social capital. It is a good business trend in the current social revolution for mass collaboration, self-organization and open innovation.

 Supply chain management is an e-business application and service for the organization. This should also be embraced by the organization to improve the quality and transparency in the suppliers. Supply chain management focuses on three key factors that are visibility, variability and velocity. These key factors are helpful to improve the effectiveness of the companies that are pursuing the e-business. At the same time, e-business companies should embrace ethical behavior to benefit the organization as well as society. Some reasons are identified that promote the use of ethical behavior in the company. Ethical behavior is quite significant in the innovation of new product. The use of ethical behavior engages sustainability to cut the cost of production.  Brand differentiation, long-term thinking, customer engagement and employee engagement are some other reasons that persuade organization to embrace ethical behavior. 

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