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In this law assignment help post, you will get the answer of this question: Do laws interfere with or complement an employer's goal of using pay plans to recruit, motivate and retain employees.

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Impact of Laws on an Employer's Goal
The laws complement an employer's goal of using pay plans to recruit, motivate and retain employees. These laws play an important role in the human resource management of the company. Through the use of well designed wage and compensation plans as per the employment laws, employers can increase the productivity of the company by recruiting, motivating and retaining talented pool of human resource. The pay plan according to established laws helps an employer to include attractive benefits packages that can be proved as a powerful recruiting tool to hire and keep talented employees. It is because each employee wants to get equal opportunity to get progress within the organization.

 These laws provide opportunities for the candidates after recruitment by avoiding discriminatory issues in compensation plan. These lawful applications in pay plan attract skillful candidates to be recruited in the company. In addition, the employment laws favor the payment of a particular amount to the employees for their works and services. This makes the employees happier and more satisfied towards their companies. These laws include well designed pay programs that address the needs of employees effectively.

Laws support the fairness of company’s policies in respect to human resource management that have a positive impact on employees’ commitments. It is because it indicates good faith efforts by the company toward meeting goals and ensures a workplace that is free of discrimination and harassment. They believe in values of the company due to equality and get motivated to work in welfare of the company. Apart from this, employment laws also help the employers to retain talented employees within the organization. Inclusion of these laws in pay plan of the company provide positive working environment that helps in executing an effective recruitment and retention strategy.

With the help of this, employers are able to boost employee retention because these laws provide effective compensation benefits for satisfaction of the employees. Retention of the employees is related to improvement in satisfaction of current employees by providing development opportunities and incentives such as retention bonuses and compensation. These laws give immense opportunities for the employees to achieve growth through effective pay plan implemented by the employers. Therefore, equal prospects for the employees to get wages and benefits make satisfy the most talented employees and encourage them to carry on with the company.

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