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International Marketing Assignment Help

International Marketing Assignment Help | Marketing Assignment Help

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 In this assignment help you will get the idea of role of government in international trade, the various levels of economic integration and the impact of international marketing.

Role of Government in International Trade

International trade is the exchange of goods, services and ideas across international boundaries that allows for a great competition with competitive pricing in the market. International trade provides opportunities for trade partners in different countries for the exchange of goods and services. The exchange of goods and services contributed into the growth of country economy. Government’s policies such as the providing licensing and other permission, rules and regulations, taxes structure, etc play an important role in the growth of international trade in an economy. Restriction and strict licensing policy of the government creates barriers for foreign traders to enter in a country. Every rule, regulation and law of the government impacts on the cost and operational activities of business. Import and export policies, infrastructure of government have significant impact on international business. Changes in governmental policies, rules & regulations, and economic & financial instability condition create risks for foreign trade that influences the international trade.

Our management assignment help experts say that economic integration is an agreement between two nations for elimination or restriction of trade barriers and the coordination of economic activities. Generally, there are four different level of integration impact on international marketing; these are a free trade area, a customs union, a common market and an economic union. The free trade area is the least restrictive and liberalized form of economic integration that eliminates barriers in trade countries. In a custom union area, members remove barriers on traded goods and services and establish a common trade policy with respect to non-member nations. Common market is a group of countries that agrees to remove all barriers in trade among members. Under an economic union, members agree on monetary policies, taxation, government spending and use a common currency. Various level of integration enhances the effectiveness of international marketing by facilitating a wider market.

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