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What are at least three global organizations that could provide noneconomic support and advice for an organization looking for opportunities in the global marketplace? What criteria would the applicant have to meet to qualify for support from these nonfinancial organizations? How do these organizations serve to promote and enhance global opportunities for businesses, such as technical support and consulting services?

Three Global Organizations

 There are various global business organizations that provide support for business opportunities. Out of these, FSG, Ritchi Tye Consulting and The Bridgespan group are the three global firms that could offer non-economic support for global marketplace business opportunities. FSG is Foundation Strategy Group that was founded in 2000 and become a popular non-profit consulting organization. Ritchi Tye Consulting is a New York based firm that deals with both profit and non-profit firms (Nonprofit Consulting/Philanthropic Advising Firms). The Bridgespan group is another non-profit consulting firm that was established in 2000.


 There are several criteria that applicant has to meet to avail support from the global business organizations. These are as follow:

 Proper Business Backup: Proper business backup like, business plan, goals and objectives, strategies, budget, contingency etc should be also documented by the applicant before applying for business support.

Educational Qualifications: Educational qualifications for required business should be also possessed by the applicant to avail the non economic business support from FSG, Ritchi Tye Consulting and The Bridgespan group.

Resources: Required resources should be possessed by the applicant to qualify for the support from the non financial organizations.

Services of Organizations
 FSG:  FSG offers consulting services in research, strategy, evaluation etc to the firms to improve social development. The company has engaged in 400 worldwide consulting services.

 Ritchi Tye Consulting: This firm offers customized consulting services to both profit as well as non-profit firms to improve their leadership and development in different areas.

 The Bridgespan group: The Bridgespan Group offers consulting services to ensure social changes in the world. Along with consulting services, it also provides knowledge sharing services to firms at wide level. It also offers technical services to ensure sustainable development of its clients to bring social change effectively (Nonprofit Consulting/Philanthropic Advising Firms).

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