Monday, November 9, 2015

Marketing Innovation Assignment Help

 Marketing Innovation Assignment Help| Management Assignment help

Today in this post you will get the assignment help of the following question:

How has a continuous strategy of marketing innovation proved successful for USA Today and Do you believe that USA Today is well positioned for the future? Explain.

 For a long period, the USA Today has been criticized as journalism frivolous but it has a long history of innovation concerning adaptation to altering consumers’ preferences. Several people criticized about USA Today, its formula of short stories, excessive info graphics and ample use of color. It was also pointed out for superficiality and tagged as “McPaper”, but after some years, all newspapers did the same that evidences the usefulness of USA Today’s continuous marketing innovation strategy. From the time of its initiation, USA Today has firmly founded itself as a nationwide organization with more than 1.8 million readers. The key innovative strategy of it was creating a national newspaper, filled with shorter writing pieces, spotted with striking, colorful photos, charts, and graphs. 

 Throughout its initial years, it didn’t included business travelers segment, which were keen to get news from back home along with sports news, but included after analyzing the changing needs of readers. Analysis of  readers needs helped it in re-innovating or benchmarking by adding several new sections. Being innovative, it always responded to its competitors upgrades in a different way. In regard to product innovation, it is quite able to organize itself journalistically by switching towards more important news oriented product so that, it could be kept ahead of the copied competition, even as asserting its innovation culture. USA Today also keeps including exceptional value added features such as the customer hotlines and website, where they can call and get expert information regarding financial planning.

 In addition to this management assignment help, it also started a high school “Academic All star program” that was also elaborated to admit colleges and universities. As well, the company also took several other steps to do continuous market innovation and this is the reason that it became able to introduce publication of USA Today International and its digital production through USA With the discussion of marketing innovation strategies adopted by USA Today, it could be said that it is effectively positioned for the future as it is well aware with the method of innovation and processing it with the identification of readers changing needs.

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