Thursday, December 28, 2017

In-store Promotions Customer of brand awareness

In-store promotional methodology is generally used by the organizations to provide the actual information about the products that makes a significant impact over their purchasing decisions during the activities of purchasing. On the other hand, the other researcher O’Cass & Fenech describe the importance of in-store promotion in customers’ awareness in different ways. They say that the displays of the products are also an important element of in-store promotion in the context of brand awareness. Under this promotion strategy, the shopkeepers show the product in their showcase that gives the importance to the products because customers feel that no one could present the low quality products in their showcases (E-Business Assignment Help). 

Most of the supermarkets in UK use the in-store promotional activities to attract the customers towards different products and services and derive them online (Marketing Public Relations Assignment Help). Hence, with the help of this promotional activity, the organizations increase awareness about the products in the mind of customers. Whereas, Burt & Sparks opposes the above statement and say that in-store promotion has only one dimension that works from organizations to customers. Therefore, only the powerful presentation of the products could not be effective for the organizations to make the customers aware because customers choose those products that meet with the needs, whether the products are displayed in shop or not (corporate strategy assignment help).

The methodologies of in-store promotion cover the shops’ wall with the posters and displays related to products. Generally, displays are putted by shopkeepers at the near of cash counter. It makes a permanent impression on the customers because the cash related activities in the stores needs the important time of the customers and that time customers also put their eyes on the displays of the shops. After that, whenever the customers will see the ads of the products at different places, they could easily recognize the products without any problems. Hence, the recall of brand also helps the organizations to increase the brand awareness of the products.

In other words, Washburn & Plank say if the customers could recall the brand or could identify the products in different conditions, then it could be stated that the customers are aware about the products. Ahearne & Bhattacharya (Marketing Advertising Plan Assignment Help) presents the relationship between the decision making process of the customers and brand awareness and argue that the consideration of customer related brand of products could not show that customers have full information about the products.