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Newspaper Article Analysis Assignment Help

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Following are three projects selected by assignment help experts from New York Times article published on 9th April 2012.

First Project: First project contained in the newspaper article is titled “Newark Project Aims to Link Living
and Learning”. This news is considered as a project due to its content. As per the news, this project is expected to develop a teacher’s village, which will include educational charters and housing that is affordable for teachers. This project would cost around $149 million and completed within 2years (Commercial, April 9, 2012). Therefore, on the basis of my perspectives, due to the budget, schedule and stages of this activity, it is termed as project.

Second Project: Second project is titled as “In Barclays Center’s Shadow, Awaiting What’s Next”. This activity is termed as project due to its specifications and functions. Barclays center that is having capacity of 19000 seats will be open in next 6 months for the nets to play. It will also organize concerts that are expected to increase the price of real estate. Hence, as per my perspective, due to its goals and resources, it is termed as project.

Third Project: This project is titled as “Development Thrives in the Hudson Rail Yards”.  This activity will include the development of 200 unit rental building in the location of 509 west 38th street that is west of 10th Avenue in the Hudson Rail Yards. This activity will advance the transformation in the city. So, from my perspective, due to its aims, resource and specifications, it is termed as a project.

Comparison of Two Projects

First Project titled “Newark Project Aims to Link Living and Learning” and second project titled In Barclays Center’s Shadow, Awaiting What’s Next” are real estate projects. In first project, educational development is chosen as the main field. In contrast, second project is aimed to develop sports area. First project is of long duration of 2years, while second project is short of 6 months (Commercial, April 9, 2012). First project is more costly as compared to second project. The similarity is their relatedness to real estate field. In addition, first project of developing teacher’s village is receiving much attention as compared to second budget of Barclay’s center. Extent of innovation is higher in first project rather than second project.

The two projects would be successful, as these are aimed to achieve economic development of city. First project would be successful; as it is receiving area like, around 134000 sq feet two buildings are provided for charter school development and 289,000 sq feet area of six buildings will provide area for rental apartments of teachers. First project has also received fund from government due to its aim of achieving social, educational and economical development of citizens. Similarly, second project would be successful, as it is aimed to provide a considerable space for sports related activities. Along with this assignment help, second project would receive attention of real estate authorities due to its location.

Best Project

On the basis of comparison by our assignment help experts, it can be stated that first project, which is aimed to develop teacher’s village is the best project. It is so, as this project is aimed to develop educational prospects by opening charter schools along with affordable housing. Furthermore, this project is designed by the noted Architect Richard Meier, so from specifications point of view, it would be a best project due to its innovation as well as excellence (Commercial, April 9, 2012). This project would result into economic, educational and social benefits for the community people that are another positive aspect of this project. Lastly, this project will link living with learning that makes it best.


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