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Corporate responsibility Case Study Analysis Assignment Help


As per the case study analysis, it is observed that in R&S Electronic Service Company, head of payroll department Jane faced issue of ethics due to the misuse of high commission services by the general manager. Jane, Eddie, Brad and Greg are the stakeholders in this case. Interest of Jane is to ensure confidentiality of information in the company. Interest of general manager, Eddie is to give high commissioner service to his brother. Interest of Greg is to earn maximum high commission services.            

Legal Analysis

Employment Law

Yes, equal pay act of US government established in 1963 is applicable to the case of compensation discrimination occurred in R&S Electronic Service Company.

Legality of Corporate Actions

According to the equal pay act of 1963, to discriminate in compensation at workplace is illegal (The Equal Pay Act of 1963). As per the case of R&S Electronic Service Company, it can be stated that Eddie discriminates the compensation between his brother and other technicians in terms of work tickets. So,  it is illegal action occurring in the company that can  face lawsuit, if presented before legal system.

Ethical Analysis
According to categorical imperative theory, individuals should do to the maxim and it should not reach to contradictory assumptions. In other words, it can be argued that individuals should only those actions, which are as per the rule of conduct and are able to become universal law. So, if this theory is applied in the case study, it would result into universal law, which will state that employees should not misuse the organizational services for their personal benefits. It is so, as to use organizational services for personal benefits are not ethical and legal, so this would be a universal law.

Utilitarian theory: As per this theory, individuals should choose those actions that result into maximum happiness. If this theory is applied in the case study of R&S Electronic Service Company, result would be maximum happiness in the corporation (Geirsson, Holmgren & Holmgren, 2010). If Jane applied this theory, it would result into the happiness of all other employees, who work with honesty and dedication in the company. The consequences of this theory would result into goodness for all in the company.

Rights Theory: Rights theory states that every person owns a set of rights and it’s up to the governing body to protect their rights. So, if this theory is applied in the case, it would result into the protection of technician’s rights of R&S Electronic Service Company. It is so, as issues covered under rights theory are slavery, abortion, privacy, property ownership, animal rights etc. So, in the case, rights of technicians would be protected to provide them equal pay as like of

Justice Theory:  According to justice theory, persons should be treated equally as per the law and wealthy people should not claim greater rights than other people (Simon, 2000). If this theory is applied in this case, it would result into the equal treatment of technicians in R&S Electronic Service Company.


On the basis of above discussion, it can be concluded by our case study experts that ethical theories are base of what is right and what is wrong. So, by applying the ethical theories, it can be inferred that Jane should not feel fear and inform Brad about what is going in the company. It can be also inferred that by applying theories of ethics, it is easy to resolve issues of ethics. Furthermore, it is also stated that through understanding ethics, an individual can make differentiation between ethical and unethical conduct. It can be also stated that ethical theories facilitate moral development that is good for organizations to ensure ethical conduct.


On the basis above analysis of case by assignment help experts, it can be identified that R&S Electronic Service if facing issue of compensation discrimination. Firm should develop ethical code of conduct to ensure that no one misuse any company capital for personal use. Under this ethical code of conduct, it is recommended to the board of director to see whether that compensation offered to the employees is under the HR policy of the company. Furthermore, it is also essential for the top management to ensure that everyone is following proper ethical code of conduct (Jennings, 2008).

Another thing that should be done by the company is to make strict policy regarding ethical and unethical behavior of employees. Firm should make a scrutiny about the compensation of relatives working in the company. Under this scrutiny, firm should make sure that everything is clearly communicated to all groups. By doing so, it would be helpful to avoid bottleneck and implement core values like honesty, faith, trust and integrity among the employees. Another reason behind developing strict policy regarding ethical behavior is that if any employee is doing work with honesty, he will be promoted before all his/her colleagues.

On the other hand, if any employee is using the organizational resources discriminately like, he/she will be punished. So, this policy will help in minimizing the illegal and unethical practices at the workplace. Another reasoning of developing ethical policy is the impact of such policies, as these will motivate the employees to do work with integrity and also develop fear that if they do any wrong conduct, it can result into negative consequences like termination and demotion.


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