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Cellular Manufacturing Marketing Assignment Help

Get marketing assignment help McDonalds Cellular manufacturing is an approach that helps to build a variety of products with little wastage.

Cellular manufacturing Marketing Assignment Help

Cellular manufacturing is an approach that helps to build a variety of products with little wastage. A cell is a

As per marketing assignment help experts, cellular manufacturing provides various advantages such as balanced processes, increased productivity, reduced cost and wastage due to reorganized and tidied up the manufacturing process. Along with this marketing assignment help, part movement, set-up time and wait time between operations are reduced that decreases work in progress inventory and idle capital that can be better utilized at anywhere. It is a combination with other lean manufacturing and just in time processes that helps to eliminate overproduction by producing only needed items.

Cellular manufacturing in fast food restaurant
Food service operators can adopt cellular manufacturing to improve their product and service quality as well as reduce waste and labor costs. Along with this, they can improve customer loyalty through this system. Through this, fast food operators can handle unpredictable demand, excessive error rates and wait time on orders. The operators map daily changes in demand to highlight fluctuations, introduce a self service counter and redesign kitchen and food preparation procedures to standardize food and eliminate waste and labor cost. With the implementation of this, sales will be increased and service time will be improved. Employees could spend more time influencing customers and less time apologizing to them. For example, McDonalds has a discrete flow manufacturing system. The employees can produce fast food items on demand in a cellular environment with flexibility. So, cellular manufacturing can increase the performance of fast food restaurant and customer service of the restaurant.
group of workstations, machine tools and equipment arranged to create a smooth flow. In simple words, cellular manufacturing groups gather machinery and small team of staff, so all work of a product is accomplished in one cell reducing wastage of resources. It is different from traditional batch mode operations, where batch jobs can be stored up during working hours and executed in evening or free time. 

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