Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Knowledge Management

In today’s perspective, most of the organizations use knowledge management in order to reduce the competitive pressure and achieve their long term goals and objectives.Assignment Help In today’s competitive world, it is essential for all the organization to increase their knowledge and information to compete with other organization not only in same industry but also from other industries (Stary and Hawamdeh 2007). Increased information and knowledge management helps the organization to create innovate products in the market that attract more customers and enhance the market image in the international market

Nokia followed knowledge management in order to achieve the goals and objectives in long term. Knowledge management helps Nokia to move from hierarchical structure to a network based learning organization. The knowledge management system of Nokia supports the strategic goals and objectives that are achieve global efficiency and effectiveness, learning across organizational boundaries and create local flexibility and responsiveness. In order to achieve strategies goals and objectives, company listens carefully to the voice of customers. It helps the company to provide more effective products to the customers in international market (Nokia 2011).

Nokia applied their knowledge management system to encourage innovation in its R&D and product development functions. It helps the company to provide latest technological products to the customer at low time. It is also helpful for the company to remain competitive in the international market.Homework Help Strategies of Nokia are more focuses on to create new strategic direction that includes the change in leadership and operational structure in order to create effective organizational speed to attract more customers in a competitive world (Nokia 2011). In the strategy, Nokia also focuses on build strategic relationship with Microsoft Corp. to establish a new winning mobile ecosystem.Assignment Writing Nokia’s strategy also includes the investments in different next generation technologies to capture and development of next generation customers towards the products and services at international market (Scullion and Collings 2010).

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