Thursday, December 8, 2011

Justification for Knowledge Management in Organizations

This blog post is provided by Assignment Help Experts. Knowledge management system is an important part of any organization to manage their knowledge and information to motivate employees towards the products and also helpful to create effective production and processes that lead innovation and product development. Assignment HelpThe arguments for justification for this business case are as follow:

Provide Motivation for Employees:

An effective knowledge management system is helpful to motivate employees in their work. It helps to improve employees’ skills and knowledge towards the products and services. It is because; knowledge management system provides the platform for the employees to share their knowledge and experience with other employees or management level employees in the organization. Homework HelpWith the implementation of knowledge management system, Nokia increases the knowledge and improve their innovation activities and capabilities to design and produce a new product for the customers in the market (Jawadekar 2011).
Business strategy of Nokia is to develop the relationship with Microsoft Corp. to create effective ecosystem for the customers. With the help of Microsoft Corp, Nokia can increase the knowledge of employees to provide training in order to better assessment of new technology and products. It can helpful for the company to motivate employees towards the customer satisfaction. This can help company to create competitive advantages from the international market (Marks 2002).

Identify Best Practices:

In support of implementation of effective knowledge management system in the company, it is argued that KMS helps the company to identify their best practices in the international market. It helps the company to create effective innovation and also helpful to sustain their market share.Assignment Writing Knowledge management system is also helpful for the organization to find out the way to how work actually gets done in the organization. It helps the company to create effective their processes from innovation to produce or market their products in the international market (Dalkir 2005).

Reduce Substitutes:

With the help of effective KMS, Nokia can reduce the substitutes and competitors in international market. It is because; in nature tacit knowledge is a sticky process that resists the transfer to new group or settings. That helps the company to save their tacit knowledge and creates the challenges for others to gain or achieve company’s tactic knowledge. An effective KMS also helps the company to increase in ability to innovate of different products and provide effective services to the customers in the domestic as well as in international market (Jawadekar 2011). An effective KMS helps the company to establish a policy that creates sustainable market environment for the company to survive in the international market.

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