Thursday, December 15, 2011

Effective and Ineffective advertisement

This post is provided by Assignment Help Experts. Advertisement describes all the fact and feature related to the product and service.Assignment Help Television is an effective media for capturing the market. Today lot of companies gives their advertisement on the television to increase awareness among the customers. dvertisements have different features and message regarding the product or service and the company.

Today FedEx’s trucks ad is more effective because it convey its message very clearly and provides all the information related to size, capacity etc. Nike’s ad is also attractive because it uses humor in its ad that makes it effective (Spoonfed Design, 2008). Coca-Cola targets the youth and it also shows it in its ad that makes it effective. The presentations and information of Coca-Cola’s ad determines its effectiveness.Homework Help So, these are some effective advertisements those support the high success and growth of the firm in the competitive marketplace.

In the marketplace, there are some ineffective advertisements also presented. The advertisement of Zungui Haixi Corp is ineffective that is a footwear manufacturer Company. Advertisement of the company is least effective because it provides less information about its product. Dole is a largest food based company (Dole, 2011). The advertisement of this company is also not so effective because of using ineffective and irrelevant advertisement tools and messages.

The advertisement of Marcus is also not effective. It’s a food company and provides less information about the product in its advertisement.Assignment WritingThese advertisements are really ineffective. Less information, ineffective presentation, poor contains, irrelevant message etc. are the factor that are presented in above discussed advertisement that are captured at the time of recalling and these make the ad ineffective.

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