Thursday, April 28, 2011

Human Resource Information System Definition

This post by our assignment help experts is to help our readers know more about what is human resource information system, its application and concern in its usage.

Human Resource Information Systems are like any other information system used to gather, store, retrieve, analyze, store data related to human resources of an organization. HRIS helps managers take HR decisions more objectively and helping develop a fair human resource management system in an organization. This system also helps in evaluating whether HR strategy and organizational strategy are in sync with each other. Normally HRIS works on a computerized system with hardware and customized software as per the needs of the information system required by the organization.

HRIS helps organizations keeping track of employee information, streamlining and managing recruitment and selection, managing performance appraisals, keeping skills inventory of human resources, payroll management etc. What would comprise in a HRIS of a company would depend upon the nature of the companies and its human resource requirements. Companies like Oracle, SAP provide pre-package software solutions for the HRIS.

There are concerns regarding usage of human resource information systems in the companies. Biggest concern in privacy and security of the data of the employees. HRIS can give easy access to all employees’ information if not properly secured. As many managers do not understand the IT security related issues, this could be a big threat in implementation of HRIS in a company. Companies shall thoroughly evaluate security and privacy concerns while the time of implementation.

Many companies are realizing the importance of having an effective HRIS and this has helped in continuous growth in implementation of HRIS in many big size companies. Slowly, even mid size companies are also deploying HR Systems.

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