Friday, April 15, 2011

Customer Relationship Management Role, Strategy or Paper, CRM in FMCG

Due to the competition in the market, the customer relationship management plays the very important role in any business. The most of the business success and failure depends upon the customer. Customer relationship management strategy of any organization helps in increasing profit, Brand Value or Image, Market Share or expansion, Growth and stable and maintaining cost of organizations. The many companies like Nokia, Wal-Mart, Pepsi, Coca- Cola and Sony etc are having strong Customer relationship management. These companies provide low cost and durable products to customers as they know that if the customers are happy then company sales will be increase day by day.

Customer relationship management role is the becoming very important tool for Fast moving consumer goods ( FMCG). Fast moving consumer good means providing excellent quality products with very low cost. In fact Fast moving consumer goods are very small like soft drink company coca- cola they sell the soft drinks in large amount then the profit will be automatically large.

In the present scenario, customers are the key part of the market of any business. If the relationship with the customer is good then it helps to increase the business at retail stores. For maintaining good relations with the customers, companies providing additional or effective services to customers like free home delivery of minimum quantity of products within five miles. This type of marketing attracts the old customers and new customer automatically adds at the retail stores.

In the present scenario, the customer needs or requirements are changing day by day. Customers always prefer go retail store that have different and good quantity of Fast moving consumer goods. Due to the high need and consumption of FMCG products, customer relationship management plays a very important role for retaining customers.

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