Saturday, September 9, 2017

Seven Lessons from the Thomas Edison's life for students

Thomas Edison is a very popular name among all of us. When we studied in school, there was a complete lesson on this successful scientist and inventor. He has invented an electric bulb, camera, phonograph and many things. His inventions have changed our world and the way of living.
With us, students can also learn no. of things from him. If Students really follow some of the lessons from his life, they may have a very bright future.  
So, here comes Seven Lessons from the Thomas Edison's life for students.
1.       Try & Try till you Succeed
Thomas Edison said to give up is the biggest weakness of us. Never give up!
Sometimes students tried no. of times to complete their assigned task but when things don’t work out, they give up. Edison insists to try one more time to succeed. To get successful, one must be required to keep trying. So, students should also try and try till they get succeed. They can follow this lesson in their entire life.
2.       Use your capability to do amazing things
According to Edison, if anyone did what he is capable of he can astound himself.
Every student has god gifted some sort of talent by birth. It shows all of them are capable of doing something amazing. So, students should identify and used their talent in the best possible way to astound the whole world.
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3.       Be what you love
Edison said do what you love!
For students, they must make their career in such stream which they love most. Always choose the subjects you like and make your career in the line you love most. It makes the work easy and relieved you from boredom. This helps the students to succeed in their career and future.  
4.       Failure…What is that

According to Thomas Edison, failure is no such thing. He tried 10,000 times to invent the electric bulb but don’t succeed. He always learnt something new from each and every attempt & from his mistakes. And finally he got succeed.
Students must learn from their mistakes and never treated them as failures. Surely, they will attain success.
5.       Another Way is always there
Thomas said when all the possibilities are exhausted, there’s always another way.
It happens, you tried all the possible ways but unable to attain what you wish. Remember, another way is always there. Think once again with a relax mind. You can ask for help too. Getting advice from your parents, faculties and elders is ok. 
6.       Be Creative& Imaginative
To invent, a person needs a good imagination. Edison was successful because he was creative and used his imagination.
Students are required to be creative and imaginative. They must think out of the box. Their professors or parents always welcomed their new and amazing ideas. These ideas help them to be successful, as their idea is their goal, purpose, aim everything.  
7.       Lots of Hard work & patience
To succeed, hard work & patience is required to pursuit your ideas. Edison did very hard work to invent the things. He has not invented electric bulb in a single or double day. It takes long time. And finally he succeeds due to his hard work and patience.
Students are required to do hard work and keep patience to attain a good academic career and future prospects. No one has attained success in one day.

These seven lessons from Thomas Edison life proves to be very effective for the students to succeed.