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HRM Management Assignment Essay Help on Organization

HRM Management Assignment Essay Help on Organization

In this human resource essay assignment help, our assignment help experts explain the  recruitment strategy of Organization. Get HRM assignment help now! 

Company Overview: Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. Apple's core product lines are iPad, iPhone, iPod music player, and Macintosh computer line-up.  In addition, the company is the global leader in the electronic and computer product . There are several causes behind the selection of this organization. First, effective and appropriate strategies & processes for recruitment are used by the company continuously.  It also uses ethical standard and codes of conduct in the recruitment to manage diversity and to reduce discrimination.

 At the same time our human resource assignment help experts says that, company also follows different strategies and policies to recruit different levels of employees within the organization such as: senior leaders, mid-level managers, and technical positions. In addition, innovative and technical methods are also used by this business organization to bring the more flexibility and reliability in the recruitment and selection process. Similarly, the recruitment policy of Apple also reflects the strategic vision and core objectives of the organization . Apart from this, Apple also provides equal employment opportunities for all sections of the society

The outline of this solution includes three different levels and positions that are senior leaders, mid level managers and technical positions. For these positions, Apple incorporation uses current recruitment methods and techniques that utilize talent pool and helps to select appropriate candidates for these positions. These methods are quite effective to select applicable candidates, who have good knowledge and skills in their fields. These candidates provide the optimum output that supports the organizational goals. With the help of these methods, a company can retain diverse employees and can improve its recruitment process. These methods are also effective to get the right people for right job within the right time period. Apple incorporation uses the current recruitment methods to select the best candidate faster. The diverse talent of Apple is helpful in the growth and organizational development. With the diverse talent such as stave job, who was CEO of this company led it and provided a great success in the IT field. Its recruitment methods such as interviews, technical analysis, skills and experience analysis of the candidates, outsourcing helped the company to cover the talent from the competitive market. These methods give priority to the candidates, who are skilled and have good knowledge about the work. We provide the original assignment help services in Australia and USA

 The current process used by the company to identify the talented candidates is effective. For instance, company develops job descriptions that focus on the core duties and essential functions of a job rather than how it is to be achieved. The job description of the company helps to select the only employees, which are well qualified and are meeting with the needs of the organization. In addition, to attract talented candidates for the jobs, the organization communicates the position in such a way that job seekers respond only if they have the required knowledge and skill. Similarly, company also identifies qualified applicants by providing enough information for unqualified persons to make them aware about their skills and knowledge, which they have. In addition, Apple also uses different sources of advertisement, which company describes opportunities for growth and predetermined specific role and duties in order to identify highly talented candidates.  Apart from this, to find the highly talented candidates, company also proves company's value along with the job description. At the same time, the company also seeks the other companies and institutes, which provide the people with required talent that is also beneficial for the firm to identify the talent candidates.                        

The selection process of the company is also effective because during the interviews, company identifies candidate characteristics in an effective manner.  The company also uses legal parameters at the time of selection. For example, Civil Rights Act (1964), Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 are the important and significant laws that are used by the company in the selection process. At the same time, company also asks behavioral-based questions from the candidates for their reaction to a hypothetical situation. Hence, the company is fulfilling ethical standards and corporate responsibilities in the selection process.

In addition, company uses effective methods and strategies to select the candidates.  For example, the selection process of the company avoids complex procedures and processes that can confuse and alienate potential participants. At the time of selection, organization clearly defines the role and responsibilities for the particular job.  In this way, company clearly indicates the criteria of the jobs. It brings the flexibility and reliability in the selection process of the company. Along with this, Apple also selects the employees through the appointment panels, which is a group of top management, by taking the final decision about the selection in order to avoid organizational obstacles. 

In order to retain highly talented candidates, Apple provides financial and non financial rewards to their employees and workers. For instance, company provides different types of non-financial rewards to their employees such as job security, good working environment, medical facilities and promotion opportunities to retain highly talented candidates. In addition, company also uses open communication policy which the employees can communicate with the top management. At the same time, company also offers stock options or other financial awards for the employees to retain them. Apart from this, company also provides promotional opportunities to the employees.

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