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Consumer Behavior Assignment Help on Purchasing

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I have purchased a cell phone last month, as I wanted to have something new with my gadgets.

Impact of 4P’s

Marketing mix assignment help including 4Ps product, price, place and promotion affected my purchasing decision in following way: 

Product: Product features like camera, music download capacity, design of mobile headset, etc affected my purchasing decision (The Marketing Mix Revisited: Towards the 21st Century Marketing. It is so, as there were various models available with similar price range of Samsung, Motorola, Sony, Nokia etc, but I was attracted by the features of Nokia mobile. So, I choose to purchase mobile of Nokia.

Price: Price is another marketing mix that affected my purchasing decision. I have visited different stores of mobile retailing and found that prices of similar featured headsets were different. For example, I found that prices of Samsun mobile were higher as compared to the mobile of Nokia. This different in price influenced my purchasing decision, as I wanted to buy mobile with good camera and music quality, so I chose Nokia mobile phone rather than Samsung mobile phone.

Place: Place is another important marketing mix factor that influenced my purchasing decision of mobile phone. There are various retail stores in city that have a great range of all kinds of mobile phones.  I chose the nearby retail store that is also accessible and reliable due to its after sales services. So, due to all these aspects, I purchased my mobile phone from nearby store.

Promotion: Promotion also affected my purchasing decision. Advertising of mobile phone on TV motivated me to have new model of mobile phones. After this, word of mouth by my friend rega
rding same model also affected me purchase decision by converting my purchase idea into action. So, TV ad and word of mouth promotion influenced my purchasing decision at high extent as compared to other tools. 

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