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Cultural web

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Cultural web

Johnson and Scholes cultural web framework is shown in below figure. The cultural web is made up of six elements that are interrelated elements and which together make up the culture of an organization. Our experts of assignment help say that each element looks at a different qualitative aspect of the culture of an organization.

Let us discuss each of these six elements by assignment help experts

Stories refer to the past incidences and the people that are well-known and talked about in the organization. Stories reflect which people and incidences the organization wishes to immortalize and this portrays a true picture of the values and behaviors the leaders wish to promote in the organization. You can check our assignment help sample for more detail. 

Rituals and routines describe the daily behaviors and actions of employees that considered to be acceptable in the organization. This tells us what is regarded to be acceptable behaviour in a given situation and is valued by senior management. If you have any problem with management assignment help, assignment help, marketing assignment or any other subject assignment help then visit our assignmenthelpexperts.com where you will find solution of your all problems.

according to assignment help experts, symbols are the visual and physical manifestations and representations of the company. These include logos, the interiors and exteriors of the company, employee dress codes, employee and management lifestyles.For marketing goal assignment, You can check our link and you get the answer following question organizations develop strategies goals

Organizational structures comprise of the organizational chart that clearly shows the division of power and authority in an organization. It also consists of the unwritten rules and lines of power and influence that specify who is most influential and whose contributions are most listened to or valued.

Control systems are the tools and techniques that management uses to control the organization. Examples of control systems can be financial systems, quality systems and rewards. 

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