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Digital innovation by assignment help experts

Select a new digital innovation (process, product, service, or business model innovation).

This may include a conventional” product or service making effective use of digital 

innovation as part of its business model). Analyze the product or service from the following 


1. Is it a disruptive, “big bang” or sustaining innovation? Why?

2. How is its business model affected by digitization, Moore’s law and the network 

Introduction of Gorilla Glass 3.0 is the disruptive innovation (Nunes & Downes, January 11, 2014). It is so, as it provided consumers cost effective solutions to make their life better in the form of microbial protection for their mobile display. Along with this, this innovative service has also enabled the manufacturers to envelope on features and quality of their products. This innovation also helps the consumers to ensure durability for their display technology. Hence, it is also cost effective for the consumers who do not want to change their mobiles.
Impact of Digitization
            Digitization has also influenced the business model. There are various models such as Moore’s Law that are based on the assumption that in every two years, the processing power of computer will be doubled (Briere, January 16, 2006).  This phenomenon also impacted the introduction of digital products under disruptive innovation in the form of Gorilla Glass 3.0. Under the effect of Moore Law, scalability of devices has also improved that resulted into 3G network enabled people to access network with ease even in far flung areas. The digitization has also improved the ubiquity of wireless network.   
Introduction of Gorilla Glass can be also justified by using Moore law and network that enabled the manufacturers to provide technology display in cost effective manner like in the case of Samsung, LG, and Motorola etc. All these firms have applied the concept of Moore law and network to introduce their innovative mobiles phones included Gorilla Glass. Customers prefer to buy those products that are cost effective, durable and have attractive features. With the effect of Moore Law observability aspect, mobile manufactures not only produced cost effective products but also offered innovative services to the people. There are other disruptive innovations made by firms like Samsung in the form of 4K displays via UltraHD and 3D displays by LG (Nunes & Downes, January 11, 2014).

Nunes, P & Downes, L. (January 11, 2014). The Five Most Disruptive Innovations at CES 2014. Retrieved from

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