Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ethnic Diversity

In this assignment writing paper we explained the basic idea for influence of ethnic diversity on the development of public programs and services. In this assignment help, we used the APA referencing style. Please do let us know if you have any query in this paper.

Ethnic diversity is the idea of having people from different backgrounds or of a different ethnicity working together for one common cause (Dreachslin, Maldonado & Dansky, 2004). It should be also considered that ethnic diversity also affects thedevelopment of public programs and services directly or indirectly. Public relations will also be affected by the ethnic diversity (Menon, 2009). Ethnic diversity can also influence the relationship with the constituent groups in the public programs. Ethnic diversity has impact on leadership role in hiring, retaining, and counseling & building relationships with diverse public that can help to build more public relations domestically & internationally (Dreachslin, Maldonado & Dansky, 2004).

In addition, ethnic diversity negatively affects the development of public programs and services. For instance, when the public programs, rules, regulation & laws will be implemented in a particular nation/country, then ethnic diversity will definitely affect the policies of government. It means, the policies &regulation cannot be successfully implemented in the nation (Menon, 2009).Assignment Help Core values, beliefs, attitudes and culture of the people will also affect the public policy & services. There are some positive benefits of the ethnic diversity. For example, in China, to control the population, the central government of China has implemented a law such as: nobody can birth more than one child.

On the other hand, if the government ofIndia will implement such kind of law, then the public policies & rules will be affected by the ethnic diversity.Homework HelpIt is so, as in India, people need social security from their children, so they will protest this law. This will be a negative impact of the ethnic diversity (Menon, 2009). Hence, it can be stated that ethnic diversity also affects the development of public programs and services positively or negatively due to differences in values, rituals and norms of different nations.

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