Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Opportunity Identification for Knowledge Management System

There is a huge opportunity for Nokia to make more effective and useful knowledge management system to manage their tacit knowledge in order to improve their business strategies and goals in domestic as well as in international market. In today’s competitive world, Nokia faces challenges from different companies; knowledge management system can help the company to improve their basic knowledge and skill in order to compete with the other organization in the market (Liyanage, Wink and Nordberg 2007).

In the future, company has the opportunity to change its culture in order to share the knowledge about process and product development among the employees and management level executives. It can help Nokia to create a knowledge sharing company by designing a flat, networked, global and multi-culture organization. That can help company to grow in the international market and also helpful in increase in speed, flexibility and opportunity to create more innovation in R&D and development of products. Nokia can also use knowledge management system to motivate employees and management level executives in terms of creating, sharing and reusing knowledge of employees (Mylonopoulos 2004).

In order to manage tacit knowledge of Nokia, knowledge management system can use in develop the understanding about customers needs and demand in the market.Assignment Help It can also helpful to produce products and services according them. Implementation of knowledge management system can create the opportunity for Nokia to take full advantages of the differentiation of products and services. It can also helpful to cover large market share in short time and also helpful to compete in the market. An effective knowledge management system can also be helpful for Nokia to share common vision among the employees and executive level employees (Liyanage, Wink and Nordberg 2007). It can be helpful for the company to improve their performance and also helpful to communicate with other employees in the organization.

Nokia has a good opportunity to establish more effective information and knowledge management activities in the production and processes that help company to create more sustainable competitive environment in the market and also helpful to motivate employees to achieve performance and business strategy in the future.Assignment WritingKnowledge management system also has an opportunity in Nokia to increase the knowledge of employees to understand the tastes of local people and customers regarding products and services in the local market.Homework HelpIt helps company to develop their local skills and knowledge and also helpful to create trust between employees to share their knowledge with each other (Mylonopoulos 2004). In order to manage Nokia’s tacit knowledge in effective manner, knowledge management system can helpful to the employees to share a common vision and create interest in producing good products through innovation and improvisation.

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