Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Employees Training and Development

Employees Training and their development is an important aspect for organisational growth and sustainability. Aziz & Ahmad (2011) exhibits the importance of training & development programs in modern scenario.

Most of the organizations spend a huge amount to train their employees. Organizational characteristics (people, system & culture etc.), individual characteristics (personal skills & career development, learning etc.) and training program characteristics (improve the efficacy of business operations) are considered and integrated to make effective training (Aziz & Ahmad 2011).

The study of Denby (2010) also states that in the effectiveness of training, training need analysis plays an important role. On the basis of training need analysis, the efficacy of training program can be enhanced in an effective manner by providing efficient job related skills to individuals (Denby 2010).

On the other hand, the study of Noonan (2008) exhibits that proper collaboration between employees and employers enhance the effectiveness of training for employee development. It assists to enhance employee commitment towards personal and organizational development. Similarly, as discussed by Hassi and Storti (2011), training & development enhances and develops job related skills, technical skills, management skills and leadership skills etc. of individuals.

The article on the holistic approach to training (2011) exhibits that the effective training to each individual is a complex task for HR managers. In the efficacy of training programs, individuals, who have learning attitude, provide their maximum contribution for personal, professional and organizational development.


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