Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Strategic Business Event

Strategic business event are created in order to organize events for individuals who are interested to better understand about their future commercial landscape (Strategic business event 2011). This paper discusses about a current event 7th international strategic management conference and how it pertains to strategic management. Further this paper discusses about why this event is considered as a strategic event.

7th International Strategic Management Conference

The 7th international strategic management conference is held in France and Paris between the dates of June 30 and 2 July, 2011. Beykent University of Istanbul, Turkey, the Gebze Institute of Kocaeli, Turkey, and the Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University of Canakkale, Turkey are jointly organized this strategy (The 7th international strategic management conference 2007).

The main aim of this conference is to set a platform for exchanging views and discussion among different strategists, practitioners and academicians who are coming from different countries and backgrounds. “Investigating Strategies of Recovery from the Recession” is the conference theme for this year. Main objective of this theme is to identify solutions in order to recover from recession (The 7th international strategic management conference 2007).With the help of this conference; participants can develop effective strategies to recover recession because different participants can provide their views on this issue.

Strategic Business Event

Strategic business event is related with conducting conferences of real excellence. The main aim of such conferences is to address emerging and recent developments in several business environments (Robinson, Wale & Dickson 2010). Generally, strategic business events are not repeated year on year. It is related with true market monitor-conferences that will be helpful to provide several tangible returns related to several management challenges that are relevant to a particular industry and time periods. Generally, conferences are held on real complex issues such as retail, the food industry and law and financial services that have a scale of high opportunity (Robinson & Robinson 2005).

The 7th International Strategic Management Conference pertains to strategic business events for several reasons:

  • First, it is related with a real issue the main aim of which is to investigate strategies related to recovery from recession.
  • It was a big conference that required involvement of several people to successfully attain the objective of conference.
  • Recession is a major issue that was regularly impacting on different economies and affected different industries such as information technology, banking industry, etc. it reflects that the conference was strategic business event (Allen 2007).
  • Conference also provided several opportunities such as to become a successful businessman in the period of recession, to reduce the impact of recession on business activities, etc. to different businessmen.
  • Objective of conference is also highlighting that it is related with long-term perspective that also help it to present itself as a strategic business event.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that the 7th international strategic management conference is pertained as a strategic business event due to several reasons such as consideration related to current issue, involvement of several people, etc.


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