Monday, November 21, 2011

eCommerce: What it is

What is e-Commerce?

An environment in which most of the business transactions occurs through telecommunications networks, especially with the help of the internet, are known as e-commerce. Electronic commerce pertains to the buying selling process or exchanging of products, services, and information via diverse computer networks along with the internet.

In present, the internet has come forth as a key international distribution channel for goods, services, management and specialized jobs (Lancaster and Reynolds 2005). The practice of e-commerce is significantly altering economics, markets and industry composition and structure, products and services and their stream, consumer segmentation etc.

Almost all type of business related activities and consumer values has altered with emerging e-commerce practices and similar is the situation with travel and tourism industries from different parts of the world (Simpson and Docherty 2006).

E-commerce is the trend of the global marketplace that is increasingly used by the business organizations to attain maximum advantages (Bauknecht, Pröll & Werthner 2005). E-commerce is electronic sells and purchases of goods and services through the use of internet.

The increasing use of e-commerce by travel companies is helping customers to have access on more information on different companies’ diverse tourist destinations and services.

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