Monday, October 17, 2011

Monitoring Marketing Goal

Marketing goals deals in various factors of the organization. Every organization wants to increase the sales, increase the public awareness about their business, customer retention, increase in profit, reduction in cost, etc. All these factors are comes under the marketing goals. It is necessary for the researcher to monitor the goals of marketing. Researcher can use different ways of monitoring the progress of marketing goals (Dibb & Simkin 2008). Firstly researcher has to analyze whether the goals that have been framed should be according to the customer’s needs and wants. Researcher can monitor the progress by observing the employees, while working. With the help of observation, researcher can analyze the total time taken by the employees and utilization of resources (Ferrell & Hartline 2010).

Secondly, researcher should monitor that mission of the organization should be consistent with the marketing goals. Marketing goals means results that have been achieved through marketing plans. But these goals should be aligned with organization objectives also. Thirdly, organization can set the parameters through, which they can compare, the actual working with the stated goals. Another method of monitoring is to observe the results that have been achieved and analyzing the customer feedback (Kotler, Lee, Farris & Kiddon 2010).

Monitoring plays an important role in achieving the success of marketing goals. It gives the assurance that efforts are conform to the desired plans. Monitoring helps in achieving the better performance and also motivates the employees. Monitoring can be taken as tool for controlling the various activities that are beyond the desired plans. Various corrective actions can be taken in policies and plans according to changes in environment (McMurtry 2003). With the help of monitoring organization can optimally utilize all the resources and achieve the results effectively and efficiently. All these above stated factors contribute in the success of marketing goals.

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